Saturday, May 12, 2012

Your Prayers Are Working!!!

"If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it." - John 14:14

Yesterday I told you how a sweet friend told me to pray specific prayers.  I've also learned a lot about praying God's word.  Jesus promises that anything we ask in his name, he will do.  This is not a free for all as in, Hey Jesus, I really want that Burkin bag I saw Kim Kardashian carrying, could you hook it up?  Rather, whatever we ask in his name that will bring glory to him, he will do.  I know that adopting is his will because he tells me so in James 1:27:

"Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress"

What is a better way to care for an orphan than to provide a family for her?  After I posted last night, I took my dogs for a walk and prayed that God would give me faith and strength for this trial.

Back up to April.  Remember when the lottery was at $650 million?  Well, I prayed that God would bless someone I know with winning so that they could partake in the joy of helping bring M. home.  I've been praying consistently that God would bless people in my life so that they could turn around and give joyously.  I know for me that when I've helped other families on this journey, it gave me a connection to that child.  I love reading their blog posts and seeing how God is moving in their lives.

I came back from my walk and there was a message for me on Facebook from a dear friend from high school.  We keep in touch but with life being as crazy as it's been, we haven't connected in over a year.  She is not a regular facebook user.  I can't remember the last time I've ever seen her post a status update or anything so I thought it was strange that she sent me a message.  Guess what?  She was in a lottery pool and WON!!!  And, she so kindly is donating $500 to bring M. home!!  I am in awe of how God answered my prayer.  It's incredible that he pays attention to the little details :)  After the lottery hit, I didn't think about that prayer again...until last night!  My friends, GOD IS FAITHFUL!!!!

The balance is now:


Will you please continue to pray for:

1) the rest of the money will come in by Monday at midnight
2) I will receive the $7000 grant
3) that those who donate will be BLESSED immeasurably beyond what they can imagine for giving in the spirit of joy?

THANK YOU!!  I hope you have a wonderful Saturday :)


  1. God is great! I am happy for you.
    by the way if you like to add me on your fb list you can find me on the name reg guilland

  2. Woohoo! That is wonderful!!!! Still praying...

  3. Wow, that is incredible!!

  4. Kristen! Oh my goodness! Praise the Lord! I have been praying through the night and today for you and M. God is at work! Your miracle is already on its way! -- Robin