Monday, May 14, 2012

Sleep :)

Last night I couldn't sleep at all.  No matter how much I prayed, or how many times I tried to do some deep breathing, I couldn't relax.  My stomach had butterflies and my mind was racing.  Finally, I started singing every praise song I could think of in my head.  I guess that did the trick because I dozed off sometime after 2 a.m.  And then I had the most fantastic dream.  I was in the Belgium airport to pick up M.  For some reason, this was the new process- meet in an international airport for the pick-up.  I remember when I first saw her, she was wearing the dress I bought for her a couple of weeks ago.  I bent down and said hi to her at which she giggled and ran away.  I freaked out and ran after her and told her, "NO!  You can't get lost in this airport, I just got you!"  She stopped, turned around, and ran full on into my arms.  The weight of her little body and the feeling of her determined hug was overwhelming!  I felt a rush go through me and a sense of peace that yes, everything is going to be O.K.
Then I woke up.

Today I tried to keep that sense of peace.  Even when I felt like a crack head, checking my email every 5 minutes to see if the grant people notified me.

But God had a different plan for today.  Instead, He showed me that he can soften the hardest of hearts, that he can tear down walls in ways that don't destroy, and that through this, he can provide and answer prayers in ways that I wouldn't have imagined.

I will be paying the balance in full on Friday :)

God. Is. Faithful.

THANK YOU to all who have donated, prayed, and encouraged.  YOUR LOVE is FOREVER imprinted on my heart and I can't wait to tell Miss M. about all the people who were praying for her and loving her before she even arrived!

My prayer for you is that God will bless you IMMENSELY for your openness to bless me!

Tonight, I shall sleep well :)


  1. Hallelujah! Don't know what He did, but it sounds like He showed up in a mighty way! Awesome!

  2. God is faithful! I'm so happy for you and proud of you! Sleep well tonight!

  3. Oh, that's good news. I am praying for you! Sleep soundly, my friend.

  4. I'm certain the agents He used are equally as blessed to have given you the support. I LOVE his provision, don't you? He's so faithful, so trust-worthy.... he provides for His plans... and that gives great assurance you are on his path. Blessings to you! Renae.