Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Couple Quick Prayers Please!

Tomorrow is a big day!  My mom is heading out bright and early to make the 2 hour trek to the state capital to get the apostilles.  She is going to come to my school on her way back to drop off the papers.  Yesterday, I received my fingerprint appointment for Miss M.'s immigration!  However, the appointment is more than 3 weeks away.   I'm going to do an insider trick that my sweet friend Mer told me - Right after school I'm driving directly downtown and I'm going to beg and plead with the staff at the USCIS office if they will pretty, pretty please with a cherry on top go ahead a fingerprint me right then and there?  Hopefully they will agree.  Then on Wednesday, I will call my immigration officer and ask that they please process my case due to the urgency of the deadline coming up (May 20th).  The fingerprints take a 24-hour turn around time before my officer will have access to see that they've been submitted.

After I leave the federal building, I will haul it back up to my neighborhood post office where the post office lady and I have become bff's, and overnight all of the documents to my agency across country.

Then I will have a nice glass of Malbec :)

Will you please pray for the following?:

1)  That my mom has no trouble making it to Columbus (it's supposed to thunderstorm tomorrow and I don't want her to be stressed driving in the rain.)

2)  That the apostille process will happen quickly and my mom makes it back home without incident.

3)  That the USCIS office will acquiesce to my plea and will fingerprint me without hesitation.

4)  That my package will indeed make it to my agency by Tuesday morning.

5)  That on Wednesday when I call my USCIS officer, they will pull my case and process it immediately. They did this for me for Nepal, so I know it can be done!


For some fun news.... after the Derby I went to my good friend Jen's house.  She has twins who will be 3 in June.  I showed her M.'s new hand and footprints.  We put them up to her daughter's foot and hand and guess what?  THEY'RE THE SAME SIZE!!  We also determined that they are about the same height- only about a 2 inch difference.  That means that M. wears a size 8 shoe.  It was really fun to look at her daughter and realize that M. is going to be very close to that size!  I'm SO EXCITED!!!

I'm praying that tomorrow night I will be able to post that everything went swimmingly!!  That's a pretty funny phrase now that I think about it.  What does that mean anyway?  If it has anything to do with being able to glide through the water without effort then it doesn't apply to me because my swimming is not pretty.  At all. ;)

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