Friday, May 11, 2012

The Good, The Better and The Scary....

Wow has this been a week.
To say that a lot has been going on with both of their adoptions is an understatement.  So let's start with the good.  My agency for Sweet M. sent me an email earlier with ONE more document that they need 3 originals signed, notarized, and apostilled.    In her words, this is "just in case" so that there won't be any delays farther down the road.  I LOVE that they are preemptive in their thoughts and actions.  So far I've dealt with 4 different agencies and I have to say that hands down, this one is Top Dog when it comes to crossing the T's and dotting the i's!

What's better?  2 hours later, I received ANOTHER email from her.  All my documents are on their way to Ind*a!!!!  YES!!!!!!  I am SO hoping and praying that I will get my NOC quickly for one reason only- That's when they will tell M. that she has a Mama fighting for her!!!  If my application gets processed right away and they follow the guidelines like they have been the past couple of months, then I *should* get the NOC 15 days after processing.

Now onto the scary:

First, relating to Joaquin's journey, I have been dealing with a watershed of information that honestly, completely blind-sided me.  I am nowhere near close to fully processing it or am I at a place where I can articulate all that I'm feeling.  I need some serious prayer for clarity and peace.  I apologize that I can't divulge more information right now.  Please know that if I could, I would definitely share.

For Miss M.- as exciting as the email was that my documents have been sent, it ended with the invoice due *gulp* Monday.  Yeah.  Um, I've been spending a lot of time in Matthew reading all about how people were healed because of their faith.  I particularly love the story when the man tells Jesus, "I believe!  Help me in my unbelief!"  I can relate to that one A LOT right now!

Because M. was a waiting child, all of her fees were basically due at once.  I was really hoping and praying that I would hear from the grant organization that is reviewing my application.  I remember when I got the notice back at the beginning of April, they sent me an email telling me that I was up for review for their May session.  I thought, "Hmm, I wonder if I'll have M.'s official referral by then?  Will her CSR be completed and sent already?  I wonder if that's when everything will go down?"  Well, yep, that's exactly what happened!!

So here's the skinny.  A very sweet friend told me on one of my fb posts that specific prayer is best.  Here it goes.

Please pray that I have the full $14,750 by Monday at midnight.  I already have $750.  I know you're probably laughing right now because I am too.  But not because it's funny.  I laugh when I get really nervous and have no idea what to do.  I only have 0.0508% of what I need.  Yeah, I did the math.
BUT, I am praying for faith and like my previous post if God uses ants to open the huge, showy peony blooms, then I'm sure somehow he can provide this.

And to be more specific:  Please pray that I get the grant.  The grant is for $7000.

I KNOW that prayer works so will you please pray for me?  And will you ask anyone you know who is a prayer warrior if they would also pray for this?



  1. praying for you!!!! this can happen! God is completely into bringing him kids home and that's what you are doing!

  2. I can see your post. I can get to it off of FB, but not off of my blog. Weird.

    Totally praying!!!!!!

  3. Kristen - I am just reading this from a link that Christy Barton sent our small group at Crossroads Church in Cincinnati - and I am praying for you! Please give an update how the grant thing is going and thank you for what you are doing - it's truly God's work!!

    1. Hello! I go to Crossroads!! I live literally 3 minutes from the church! THANK YOU for your prayers!!!