Baby Hummingbird's Adoption

11/2018 ~ God starts weighing Down Syndrome on my heart... so I start advocating for Down Syndrome adoption because I was done :)
12/2018 ~ Down Syndrome is everywhere I turn.  I amp up my adoption advocacy, because I'm getting nervous that he's calling me to adopt again.
01/27/2019 ~ I surrender.  Open hands, I tell God my life is his to do with what he wants.
02/06/2019 ~ He whispers her name to me, "Everest" and tells me that He will move the biggest mountains to bring her home.  
03/13/2019 ~ I see A's precious face on the special needs portal.
04/05/2019 ~ I call and talk to my caseworker and ask if there is any possible way for me to adopt a 5th time from India.  She is not hopeful but says she will find out what she can.
04/08/2019 ~ My caseworker calls me back with exciting news that the Indian adoption authority said they would approve me and that her orphanage was excited that our family wanted to pursue her!
04/28/2019 ~ The Noel Fund posted that they were looking for a family that was specifically adopting a child with Down Syndrome.  They wanted to help them fundraise.  I contacted them and told them I was pursuing Everest and that she was also an older child.  They agreed to help fundraise her adoption!
04/29/2019 ~ Mailed the check to my social worker to update my home study.
05/29/2019 ~ I am officially accepted into the India program and my first set of program fees were paid by an anonymous donor
08/05/2019 ~ The Noel Fund informs me that the benefit concert was a HUGE success - Her entire adoption funds were raised in full!
08/19/2019 ~  My caseworker calls me in tears - another family wanted to match with A.  She was on the CARINGS portal for 2 years and during that time, I was the only family that asked about her.  My caseworker talks to the family and tells them our situation and asks if they would reconsider.  They chose to move forward with A.  I'm stunned to be in the same place I was with Sparrow.  Two times in a row, but I choose to trust God and not go down the road of despair and sorrow.
08/20/2019 ~ Someone prays for me and gives me a word that there is another child who needs me more.
09/11/2019 ~ FINALLY get approved homestudy
09/12/2019 ~ Registered on CARINGS
10/04/2019 ~ USCIS receipt date for I-800a
10/25/2019 ~ USCIS fingerprints
12/02/2019 ~ I-800a approval
12/31/2019 ~ Approved by CARA
01/01/2020 ~ MATCHED!!!!  BEST NEW YEAR'S DAY EVERRRRR!!!!!!
01/29/2020 ~ Originals received
01/29/2020 ~ I-800 mailed
01/31/2020 ~ I-800 received
02/12/2020 ~ I-800 approved
02/24/2020 ~ DS-260 (visa application to enter USA)
02/29/2020 ~ Applied for Article 5
03/12/2020 ~ Article 5! (dated March 5th)
03/20/2020 ~ NOC!! (dated March 18th)
09/22/2020 ~ Received confirmation that I was registered in court

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