Munni Bird's Adoption

05/17/2009- Sweet Munni enters the orphanage
06/2009 - I start seriously praying about adoption
09/2009 - I feel the Lord is telling me "YES" and I start researching countries and agencies.
10/2009 - Sweet Munni manages to get herself in the background of a referral picture for another child**
01/2010 - Feel a peace about Nepal
02/2010 - Decided on agency and sent in initial paperwork
03/2010 - Signed contract, told my family and filed I-600a
04/2010 - Gathered all of the documents needed for Nepal Dossier
05/2010 - Home Study completed!
06/2010- Received I-600a approval!
06/22/2010 - DOSSIER sent to Nepal!
07/07/2010 - Received letter from US Embassy in Kathmandu with official registration number - #101!!
08/06/2010 - US suspends adoptions from Nepal
04/23/2011 - Adoption Miscarriage :( Read official notice from Nepal that they will not participate in inter-country adoptions with the US
05/2011- Grieved and finally accepted that my adoption would not happen from Nepal. Started praying about other programs and God opens my heart to Special Needs
06/07/2011 - Officially withdrew from the Nepal program
06/16/2011 - Saw Sweet Munni's picture for the very first time and sense God telling me she is the one!
07/05/2011 - After much prayer, I tell the agency I want to pursue her adoption!
07/07/2011 - My agency sends my home study and requests that I be considered to adopt her.
07/22/2011 -Ind*a temporarily suspends accepting new dossiers until 09/30/2011
09/30/2011 - Ind*a continues suspension until 12/31/2011
11/14/2011 - My agency tells me they can't complete Munni's adoption and put their Waiting Children program on hold
12/14/2011 - God brings Sarah into my life via my blog and she tells me about Agency B
12/22/2011 - CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!! I talk to agency B and they assure me they can complete Sweet Munni's adoption. In a twist of miracles, Munni is in the background of my new caseworker's referral picture for her own daughter!! **(see 10/2009)
12/27/2011 - Signed contract with Agency B and started my home study amendments
01/2012- A New Year, a new paper chase!
01/20/2012 - I am officially registered with C*RA!!!!
02/2012 - Received news that they are updating Sweet Munni's CSR so that it reflects exactly what C*RA is looking for under the new guidelines
04/2012 - Complete dossier and sent documents to get the apostille from the state
04/25/2012 - Received news that her CSR is en route to the USA!!
05/2/2012 - OFFICIALLY MATCHED!! Received official referral :)
05/07/2012 - fingerprints submitted for I-800a - 3 weeks earlier than appointment date!!!
05/17/2012 - I-800a APPROVAL
06/20/2012 - I800 APPROVED!!!
06/26/2012 - receive letter that my file has been forwarded to the US Embassy in New Delhi
07/17/2012 - ARTICLE 5 !!!!
07/18/2012 - NOC in ONE day!! But didn't find out until....
07/31/2012 NOC BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
09/29/2012 - Court petition! :)
12/17/2012 - MEETCHA DAY!!!!
12/19/2012 - PASSED COURT!!!!!!!!!!!!
02/14/2013 - FOREVER FAMILY DAY!!!!!!! 
02/20/2013 - HOME!!!
09/05/2013 - Final Adoption Decree US
12/27/2013 - ssn issued


  1. I came to your blog on the India Adoption FB page and randomly clicked on your story. We are beginning the adoption process of a sweet girl from India. Just wanted to say that your story is beautiful and I have enjoyed seeing little glimpses of what joys will come into our lives as a result of God's grace and this adoption. Thanks for sharing your story and your heart. :)

    1. Abby I'm just seeing this!!! And now your sweet daughter is HOME!!!!!!!!!!

  2. so we began to prayerfully, tearfully & [sometimes] stressfully search the big vast internet for the perfect agency that would hold the key to our new son or daughter.

  3. so we began to prayerfully, tearfully & [sometimes] stressfully search the big vast internet for the perfect agency that would hold the key to our new son or daughter.