Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I Should Buy Stock in the USPS

Another round of paperwork completed and shipped!

1) I sent 3 notarized and apostilled + 11 copies of Special Power of Attorney, another random notarized letter, my I-800 application, I-864, and Miss M.'s  visa application.  I am so hoping and praying that the US embassy sends the Article 5 letter to C*RA PRONTO so that C*ARA can issue the NOC!!!

2)  I sent Baby Joaquin's extension for my I-600a since I STILL DON'T HAVE A REFERRAL.  I will confess that I'm feeling very  bitter  frustrated about this.  I think what is most annoying is that as more information is coming out, I feel that I, along with many other families, were told time frames that were beyond inaccurate.  It's one thing to go into a program knowing it will be a long wait.  For example, China has a very long waiting list for a healthy child.  Not that waiting is easy, but at least you know up front that you are in it for the long haul.  With the Congo, I was told that it would be a 6 months MAX wait for a referral and then 2-4 months MAX after referral before travel to bring him home.  Yeah.  In REALITY, it's been a little over a YEAR waiting for a referral and based on the time frames of families ahead of me who have already come home, it's more like 8-13 months AFTER referral before I can go and get him.  This is just one part of my frustrations with this agency and program.  I wish I could go into more details about the rest of my frustrations but that will have to wait.  For now.

3)  I sent my updated home study to Baby Joaquin's agency.

A fun little surprise I found when I was filling out all of the I-800 paperwork for Miss M. I had to look at her I-800a approval.  Guess what the official approval date was?  May 17th- her birthday :)  I thought that was very nice of the USCIS to think of her and give her such a nice gift!

The next phone call I'm waiting for is either A)  that I received my NOC or B) that they have a referral for me and I finally get to see Baby Joaquin's face!!  It's a win-win!


  1. You are a persistent momma!!! You could be an adoption lawyer after all this stuff! Great job & hang in there!

  2. Oh, the paperwork. :) It's exciting though!!!! :) I will be so praying for you Congo stuff.....

    Caleb is looking over my shoulder at your blog right now....he said, "Oh, such cute dogs, Mom...especially the middle one." that funny or what.

  3. I keep reading blogs of people adopting from J's country and it sounds like you are not alone. Both of mine were super fast but it seems that is the exception rather than the rule :( Sorry things are dragging on.

  4. I echo your frustration. the Lord is worthy of our Trust and we can trust Him to be our children's advocate.
    I was praying for you to get a referral this week but perhaps there is still a lot of paperwork processing with the new children at the orphanage. hoping for big things for you in the coming weeks.