Tuesday, October 30, 2012

News Maybe?

Today started off just hard.  Not that anything happened, just the weight of waiting and hoping.  In desperation, I emailed my caseworker, just asking for prayer because today was especially trying.  She emailed me back and said that the Director had been on vacation but is back now.  She is the one who can make my case move.....So, will you please join me in prayer in that she can get my case on the docket and finally get that much anticipated court date?  My caseworker is hopeful that we should hear something this week.  I know that sounds like a broken record but maybe this time it will be like there's a nickel or penny weighing the needle down so we can get through the skips :)

For some REALLY GREAT news, my sweet friend J left yesterday to fly to Ind*a to bring her baby girl HOME!!!  Her adoption is in another state, actually the most efficient state, so it's been fun to see things actually moving!  I'm soooooo excited for J and her daughter!  Please pray for safe travels for them!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Farewell Barkley :(

Today Barkley is going to his new family.  And I'm going to miss that blockhead.  It's amazing how dogs can worm their way into your heart in such a short period of time.
I am very happy though for Barkley.  He hit the jackpot.  I was very, very picky about who would be his forever family.  He had issues from being chained his whole life so I wanted to make sure that he went to someone who would be patient and understanding.  

Selfishly, I also wanted to be able to see him again.  With the help of my sister, we were able to find the perfect home for him!  There is an older couple, empty nesters, who live in my sister's neighborhood.  He is a part-time doctor and his wife is full time retired:)  They are "dog" people and just recently lost their Golden of 15 years.  They walk every day 2-3 miles and recently decided they were ready to have another dog.  Barkley was at my sister's house for about a month and that's when they saw Barkley.  And fell in love.  I mean, who can resist that face?  

He's pretty adorable and his personality is sweet as sweet can be.  I will definitely miss seeing his face in my window when I come home....even though I can just see his face, I can tell his whole body is wiggling the boxer wiggle and it cracks me up every time!  
I think Simon will miss him but I also think Simon will be happy to be the baby again :) 

I'm also very happy for this couple.  They are going to be so smitten with Barkley and I'm happy that he will be bringing so much joy to them.

Farewell sweet Barkley Boy!  

Sunday, October 21, 2012

SHS photography

I really enjoyed this week's scavenger hunt as it was a nice distraction from waiting for a court date :)

Here are my interpretations:


Faceless portrait (selfie)- I cheated a bit on this since I actually took it at the end of summer but this is a defining, faceless, portrait of the essence of me.  When I was little, I used to lie on the hot cement because I loved the feeling of the warmth from the ground and the sun above:)

View from the top- my inner child took over for this shot!

Cozy- see that spot, right between his eyes?  I LOVE to kiss that spot and when I do, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside because everything is right with the world.  I'm obsessed with him if you couldn't tell:)


I really had fun with this and I'm looking forward to next week's hunt!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Last Couple of Miles...

Today, I'm feeling like I just finished running 20 miles and am headed down the home stretch.  And IT HURTS.  I woke this morning to find an email from my caseworker.  She sent me new pictures of MG that were taken last week.  They broke my heart.  When I first read the subject line I was super excited!!!  New Pictures!!!!  I guess because the ones I got from February, where she looks SO HAPPY, I was imagining that these would be similar.  Instead, I saw a thinner, shyer, version of the face I love.  It didn't help that they recently cut off all of her hair.  She almost looks as if she could be in a concentration camp.  Those photos did something to me.  The anguish of not being able to do ANYTHING to hurry this along, to not be able to go to her IMMEDIATELY, and to know that she has no idea how hard I'm fighting for her, well, it's just plain torture. It's also a huge reality check of the fact that she is growing up in an institution- not a family.  I would give anything, ANYTHING, to be able to take all of these experiences away from her.
     The pictures also revealed more scars that I've never seen before.  Because of the lighting in the other photos I have of her, and because her hair was longer, you couldn't see the scars.  It made me sick to my stomach.  I already have such a hard time processing what she went through but then to see a new reminder of just how horrible it was, made me want to vomit.  I cried three times at school today because I was so upset.  I seriously want to be on a plane like yesterday.
     My friends have been super comforting and praying for me and I really appreciate it because right now? I need all the prayer I can get :(  And more than that, my sweet MG needs tons of prayers.
     If you think about it, will you please pray that I can get my court date ASAP?
Thank you SO MUCH because this mamma is feeling desperate.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Great News!

Last night we had a family dinner at my Mom's and we all prayed over my dad. The Lord answered every single prayer!!
He made it through surgery with flying colors!
The surgeon said it couldn't have gone better!
AND, my dad has had ZERO pain!!
He's back to himself, messing with every button and switch he can get his hands on ;)

Thank you SO MUCH for all if your prayers!!! THEY WORKED!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - photography

My best bliend (blog friend) Mer told me about the scavenger hunt sundays.  It's been a nice distraction from the waiting of not getting a court date.  Each week you are assigned things that you are supposed to photograph and then you upload your pics.  It's fun to see everyone's take on the different themes.
Here are mine for this week:

Water drop
This is my bird bath in my front garden

My Simon.  Enough said :)

Then and Now
I've been in the blonde "family" since 1997.  It was time for a change :)

Love these paws!

Autumn Walk
I live near several parks and they are all bursting with color right now!
I can't wait to bring Munni here!

On Monday morning my dad goes in for his surgery.  Please pray that all would go well!
Happy Sunday!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Dad update...

So far, so good!!!

The stress test went really well last Friday and thankfully, my dad's biggest fear will not come to pass. He was very worried that they would come back and tell him that he also needed a pacemaker.  Instead, he got a clean bill of heart health!  I told him he got the extended warranty :)

He got his dates mixed up so today was not the surgery to put the stent in place.  Instead, he had to get a bunch of pre-surgery blood work done.  NEXT MONDAY is the big day.  First thing in the morning and they think it will last about an hour and a half.  He is in great spirits and I really think he was more nervous about the stress test than the actual surgery.  I told him that I posted it on my blog and many, many people were praying for him.  YOUR PRAYERS ARE WORKING!!!!!  Thank you!

On the adoption front, I am praying that I will hear about my court date this week.  My attorney in Ind*a should have received my court petition paperwork last Thursday (their Friday) so I'm praying that she will be able to get into the court and file for my court date.  PLEASE, PLEASE pray that I would hear about my court date soon!!

The weather here is absolutely beautiful!  I love, love, love fall- it's my favorite time of the year!  I hope you all get to be outside and soak up some vitamin D!

I'm enjoying the weather with 4 furry family members :)

I want to start a new saying, "Dog days of autumn."  Might not have the same ring to it but there's nothing like a long walk with a puppy dog on a crisp autumn day!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Prayers Please

Here's an update on my dad.  If you think about it, would you please pray for him?  He is getting the chemical stress test tomorrow morning.  It lasts 4 hours and we've heard it's a pretty awful experience.  His surgery to put in the stent is scheduled for Monday morning and should last an hour and a half.  Also, please pray for my mom.  She is worried.

Thank you so much!!!