Sparrow's Adoption

01/13/2017 ~ Saw Sparrow's file while advocating for another little girl
03/29/2017 ~ Stood in CARA's office in India and prayed for Sparrow's adoption for 45 minutes
05/26/2017 ~ Had a very specific dream about her adoption and becoming my daughter
07/01/2017 ~ One major part of the dream comes to pass in a very public way
09/07/2017 ~ Re-start my home study
09/27/2017 ~ Accepted into Agency India program
10/05/2017 ~ CARA tells my agency that I can move forward with her adoption (A pre-pre-approval!)
10/12/2017 ~ Home study visit (after 4 re-schedules)
11/17/2017 ~ uploaded to CARINGS
12/05/2017 ~ Approved by CARA the very hour Sparrow was matched with another family.

Losing Sparrow has been a devastating loss; a grief I will hold hands with the rest of my days.  I will never understand God's ways or his purposes.  But I do know his character and I cling to his word and trust that for whatever reason, he had a bigger plan for her, for us, for Dove, that didn't include sharing our life on this side of eternity.  She will always be my daughter in my heart and I truly believe that one day in heaven, when I finally get to wrap my arms around her and tell her I love her, she too, will know this truth.

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  1. Hey Kristen! I'm friends with the other Kristen. Just bawled my eyes out watching your Munni video... going on over to buy a shirt now. God Bless you and the girls!