Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Every Day Keeps Getting Better!

Remember how I tried to call the USCIS to see if they could process my case?  And a grumpy lady answered the phone?  She told me that my case hadn't been assigned to an officer and she didn't know how long it would be until it was.  I was discouraged because getting the 171-H approval letter can take a v-e-r-y- long time, which slows down the process.  I need to get my I-800a approval (this is saying that I am approved in general to adopt from Ind*a) so that I can file the I-800 (my application to adopt M. specifically) which I will need to obtain my NOC- C*RA's stamp of approval that I can proceed.  When the courts see that you have NOC, it's a no-brainer for them and they basically just push my file through the process.  Well, I found out today that somehow my I-800a application was in another family's file and their I-800a application was in my file.  Sounds like a nightmare, right? WRONG!!!  Because it turns out that K. at immigration called up my caseworker to help him figure out who the applications go to and it just so happens that K. is not only efficient, nice, and super quick, BUT now he is also my assigned officer!!  My caseworker was thrilled because she said every time she has had to work with him, he has the I-800 turned around in 2-3 weeks instead of another 2-3 months!  So to sum up, my I-800a is APPROVED and in the mail.  Next week, my I-800 will be sent in so I should expect that approval in early June, lining it up perfectly...wait for receive my NOC so M. can find out about me!!!

In other good news, M.'s orphanage requested a "Declaration of Child Acceptance" letter from me.  Wow was I scrambling after school!  I had to print it off, run to the bank to get it notarized, then back home to scan it, so I can email it to my caseworker, who will send it to the orphanage so they have it first thing tomorrow!  She said it's ALWAYS a good sign when the orphanage requests information because that means they are actually doing something with my file and preparing it to present to C*RA!!!  On top of that, since I found her last June and requested to pursue her adoption at that time, and even though the first agency couldn't complete it, the fact that I kept pursuing her looks really good to the Ind*an officials. It shows that I'm committed.  If they only knew!!!

And finally, there's a new judge in the house.  We don't know if he will make parents make 1 trip or 2.  Everyone is praying for the one trip!  It will be interesting to see how the court process goes with this new judge on the bench.

THANK YOU THANK YOU for all of your prayers!!  It's been quite a week- and it's only Wednesday!!


  1. Yipppppeeeee! So exciting! :) You are going to need to treat yourself to some Thai food this weekend. :) Wish I was there to eat it with you.

  2. Hooray!!! I'm so happy that everything is moving along so nicely!

  3. Oh my goodness! Praise the Lord! He certainly hears our cries, doesn't He? This IS God's story of redemption! So happy for you! What a week!

  4. Praying for 1 trip! Good news :)

  5. Great news...seems you are moving right along!