Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

When I crossed over the side of celebrating Mother's Day from a child's perspective to being a Mom-to-be, my whole perspective changed about what this day means.  My children aren't even home yet, but this is definitely the most challenging role I've had in life so far.  I'm sure there are moms out there thinking, "just you wait until they're here!"  I know there are many celebrations, struggles, trials, heartaches, fears, and obstacles still in my path as I try to raise these two precious lives to be all that God intends for them.  But the common theme that I love most about Motherhood, is that all of us love our children with an unrelenting love.  How we display that to our children may be different, but it's there.  There's a mama bear in all of us that would do whatever we can for our kids.  I don't care if you're still pregnant with your first, if you got pregnant the first time you tried, if your pregnancy wasn't planned, if you struggled for years with infertility, if you've suffered miscarriages and are still longing for a baby, or if you took the path of adoption.  However you arrive, I'm betting that the first time you hold your child in your arms, it was all worth it.

 This journey has cemented the truth in my heart that anything in life that is meaningful, comes at a cost and involves some sort of sacrifice.  I'm thankful for Jesus' sacrifice because without it, I wouldn't be on this journey and I wouldn't be able to love them the way he has shown he loves me.  He has been so faithful to me throughout this journey and has brought so many moms into my life!  The sisterhood of Motherhood is a beautiful thing!  So to all those mamas out there, I hope you feel loved on this day honoring you!

I woke up this morning to a GREAT Mother's day gift- another donation!!!  The new remaining balance is:

$13, 160 

Your prayers are indeed working!!!  Will you please continue to pray:

1)  The rest of the money will come in by Monday at midnight
2)  I will receive the $7000 grant AND that I would find this out tomorrow (Monday?)
3)  That those who've donated will be BLESSED immeasurably beyond what they can imagine for giving in the spirit of joy!!

Yes, love requires sacrifice.  It's humbling to ask for money and my pride has definitely been sacrificed!

THANK YOU to everyone who has been praying, encouraging and donating!!!



  1. Happy Mother's Day, Kristen! I hope that you have a fabulous day. You have already given over your heart to your precious children, and next year will be all that much sweeter! I love you, dear friend!

  2. happy mother's day to you sweetie!