Friday, April 13, 2012

A way to pass time

I am so excited about Baby Joaquin!!!! I've been playing through my mind all kinds of things.  I wonder where I'll be when I get "The Call." I wonder what he will look like. I wonder what his little personality will be. I wonder how it will feel the first time I hold him.... And then I snap myself back to reality because as exciting as it is, once I accept his referral I have NO IDEA how long I will have to wait until I can travel to pick him up. Of all the families in my agency, there hasn't been any consistency in time lines, except that it has been consistent "Africa time :)!"

Today I got my home study back with the certified notary signatures! Tomorrow I am going to overnight all the documents again to the capital so they can put the apostille on them. My immigration for M. was sent in by my agency, so I'm waiting for my fingerprint appointment for her. Once those are done, then I'll wait to receive the approval. Once I get that, THEN I can officially accept her referral, provided her CSR has been forwarded to my agency. I'm hoping that in June or early July that should all come together.

So in the meantime I'm going to tackle my nemesis- see below:

7 years ago this summer I moved into my house. The first two summers there was no fence and I used to mow that crazy hill. One day however, I was mowing it from the bottom up, slipped, lost grip of the mower which came back at me, and my reflexes took over and I put my hand up to stop it. Well, I sustained serious tendon and ligament damage that plagued me for several years.   I still have numbness and shaking effects when my wrist is at certain angles. Because of that incident, I've been trying to grow ground cover to eliminate the need for mowing. As you can see, the one side has all filled in- the way it's supposed to! Even the other side of the hill has grown in nicely:

But the front right side is driving me crazy!!! I'm on a mission to get that covered! I expect that the hill and I will be duking it out all summer long. And I will win. #Caddyshack

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  1. Kristen....I am so happy for you!!!!!!! :) And that is so horrible about your ligaments....blech. You will win, though. I am positive. Your yard is already soooo beautiful.