Saturday, April 21, 2012

Some More Good News!!

Yesterday I got a text from my caseworker who is also adopting from the same orphanage where Sweet M. is.  If you remember, I told the story of how M. managed to get herself into the referral picture.  Well, yesterday H. (my caseworker) received her NOC!!!  This is a HUGE step in the adoption process.  It means that VERY soon she will be making her short 3 day trip to appear in court.  She will also take lots of pictures of M. since M. and her daughter are friends!!  I am super excited for her because she has waited a looonnnngggg time and now things are FINALLY moving!  I am also excited to get NEW pics of Sweet M. and to hear about her personality, interacting with H.'s daughter!  We are hoping that M.'s CSR comes in shortly so that I can accept the "formal" referral!  I've been praying that Ind*a sticks to the schedule that they proposed in the new guidelines they implemented.  It will be very interesting to watch H.'s case from this point on to see if in fact they do follow it.  Since her daughter and M. are both considered special needs for being older, they are supposed to expedite their cases.  The next few months should be very telling!  If you would, please pray that H. gets her court date SOON!!
Thank you for ALL your love and support!  Have a great weekend!


  1. Hooray! That is so very exciting!!!!!

  2. Wow...that is seriously exciting news. :) I am soooooo happy!!!!!!!

  3. Great news. Nothing lifts one's spirits more than new photos during this long waiting process.
    i certainly hope that things start moving faster too!


  4. that is wonderful! hoping and praying her case moves quickly and that you get your DRC referral Pronto! : )

    1. Thank you!!! I think you are right behind me in the Congo line- wouldn't that be great if we traveled at the same time??!!!!!! I'm praying for your family, that your sweet baby boy will be revealed SOON!