Monday, April 30, 2012

I Love Getting Mail

Especially like this:

My caseworker said it's a really good sign that they had that quick of a turn around from receiving my application in Texas and then forwarding it on to Missouri.  I'm now waiting for my fingerprint appointment and then *hopefully* another quick turn around for my approval!

I found out that the courts in Ind*a close for a month starting mid-May.  I don't think that I'm at a point yet where that will affect me.  I am hoping to just miss it and then move right into the NOC territory :) meaning that while the courts are closed, C*RA will receive my official referral/match and that all of my immigration stuff will be wrapped up.  There are about 3 things that have to happen simultaneously and THEN hopefully everything will get sent to the court.   I am hoping that since they will be SO relaxed from having a month off that they will issue my NOC right away and then it's on to the court date!!

I still don't have a referral for Baby Joaquin.  Knowing that I am next has made the wait that much harder.  I was thinking about how when you go to the theme park and you wait in line to be able to ride the biggest, baddest, roller coaster. Where I grew up, it was aptly named, "The Beast."  It is still the fastest, longest, wooden roller coaster in existence.  After hours of waiting in line, you FINALLY get into your car, they put the handle bar lock into place, and out you go, winding around, making your way up to the Big Hill.  You can feel the cars lock into place and then you hear that, "click, click, click, click" as the roller coaster s-l-o-w-l-y climbs to the top of the Big Hill.  I used to get the biggest butterflies the closer we got to the top and then as the first car heads over, the rest of them start getting pulled faster and faster and faster and you are full of anticipation, excitement, butterflies, fear, anxiety, and then - you go over the top!  My stomach always felt like it was in my throat but it was such a rush as the cars went hurdling down that drop at what seems a million miles a minute!  That's kinda how this waiting feels for his referral.  I'm ready to go over the Big Hill.


  1. Oh that is a good image....I love it...going up a roller coaster, waiting for that rush that you KNOW is coming.... It is coming soon, Kristen. And I can't wait!!!! :)

  2. Love the word picture!!! Perfect example!

  3. Praying for the right baby to come quickly. :-)

  4. I am so excited for your mail!!!! And I just can't wait to see sweet Joaquin's face!

  5. Sharing in the excitement of "happy mail".... this part of adoption I LOVE! ... It's real progress. keep it rollin'