Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Talk About A Pick-Me-UP!!!!

Today I was feeling sorry for myself.  I was feeling sad that I've been waiting so long and pondering the frustrating steps that I've gone through to try and bring these kiddos home.  I read on other's blogs who I follow that they are getting ready to travel to pick up their precious children.  I am THRILLED for these families.  Every time I read updates like these, it seriously makes me so happy.  It's exciting to cheer each other on and to see families cross the finish line!  But it also makes me anxious and sometimes impatient and I feel like, "Come on already!!!  I'm ready for my turn!!"   Then I saw on the ticker across the news that Katherine Heigl and her hubby just brought their second child home.  Dang it!  Why didn't I become an actress and makes millions of dollars so my case could move faster?

Then I got the email.  My Ind*a caseworker said she had some good news and to call her when I got a minute.  Oh, have I got a minute!  I've been following her personal adoption because her daughter and my Sweet M. are friends at the orphanage.  She just recently received her NOC, so I was hoping she was going to tell me that she got her court date!  Instead, she told me that she had good news for ME.  Yep- Sweet M.'s Child Study Report is en route to the USA!!!!!!!  What does this mean?  This means that I'm about 3 weeks away from receiving her referral and being OFFICIALLY MATCHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am dancing on AIR!!!  There are several things that still need to happen in the next couple of weeks and if you think about it, I would love prayers for:

1)  No errors on the referral paperwork (simple spelling errors could set the process back)
2) **That my I-800a approval would be done by then.  I'm still waiting on my fingerprint appointment.  Typically, the approval takes 2-3 months.  This is bad and can't be the case for me because I can't accept Sweet M.'s referral without the I-800a approval.

She also told me that on the administration end of things, they have seen more organization of the process in that specific area (it has been known to be a VERY difficult place to adopt from and they weren't doing adoptions from there for a long time) and that the judges are moving towards issuing the full adoption decree instead of guardianship AND in some places only requiring ONE trip!!!  The next few months should be VERY interesting!  I'm praying that I will only have to make one trip and that the judge issues the full adoption decree.

I know that the Lord is able to do exceedingly above and beyond what I could ever think or imagine!  And what comforts me most is knowing that He loves her more than I could ever think or imagine and I know He has a wonderful plan for her life.  I'm ready to see that plan unfold!!  :)


  1. Oh Kristen, this is absolutely wonderful! I am so, so, so happy for you! I'll be praying for a crazy-fast I-800a approval.

  2. Praying things fall into place so that you can officially receive your referral! Can't wait to hear some good news soon!!!

  3. Praying! Great news!

  4. Fantastic news! Yay! Hooray! Giddy for you!


  5. great news! praying for that I800 process to be quick and smooth. I am officially your #1 blog stalker lately- I am checking it every day to see if you have received a referral from OWAS! : ) can't wait to rejoice with you in that too!

  6. I totally know how you feel! We have been on this journey to children for eight years. I'm so happy for your good news! I will keep praying. We are with you in your journey!! Sending you lots of love - Heather

  7. Kristen-
    This is awesome! Each step of the way is encouraging! Hope the HSR comes soon, along with official referral. :)

  8. Yeah! So excited for you. Praying for you!!

  9. That is incredible news. Will so be praying!!!!! :)