Friday, April 20, 2012

Two and Enrique Iglesias

There are two days left in the grant contest!!! And check out my Ordinary Hero colleagues:

I teach with some amazing people and I'm definitely feelin' the love from them!
My sales are at $300 and I think based on grant winners in the past, I need to get to $1000 to get 0ne of the 3 coveted spots to win the $500 grant!

Have you ever bought a donkey?  Is that on your bucket list?  How about 1/2 a donkey?  or a sheep?  or 1/2 a sheep?  What a great conversation ice-breaker for the social events you attend this weekend!  Can't you just hear the conversation now?

"Hey!  How are you?  How was your week?"
"It was great!  I bought a donkey!"
"A what?"
"A donkey!"
"Is that how you plan to get to work?"
"No!  But it will help out an Ethiopian woman carry her burden AND it helped this girl who is trying to adopt a baby boy from the Congo."
"WOW!  That's amazing!!"
"I know, right?  I'm an ORDINARY HERO!"  (cue Enrique Iglesias' song 'HERO')
"I want to be an ORDINARY HERO!  How can I do that?"
"It's EASY!  Just go to this website, pick out the products you want to purchase and the MOST important part, during check out, be sure to click on Kristen Williams when they ask which affiliate you heard about OH.  There's a drop down menu and her name is near the bottom."
"Wow that is easy!!  And I get the satifaction of knowing that I'm an ORDINARY HERO!!"

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!! - just like the Staples button!  Let's ROCK this grant competition!!

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