Saturday, January 28, 2012

30 Minutes of Ecstasy...

No, not the drug.  My 30 minutes of ecstasy came in the form of filling out my tax returns.  I know, tax return and ecstasy do not go together.  But for 30 minutes, JOY and pure ECSTASY filled my entire being.  I found a loophole that stated that if you had ATTEMPTED an adoption and it failed in 2010, you could qualify to receive the $13,780 tax REFUND!!!  Oh, my beating heart!!!  You see, I spent $21,000 on the Nepal adoption and only received a $3000 refund for the portion that was prepaid to Nepal.  The other $18,000?  Lost.  You can imagine my excitement because when I get the official match for Miss Sofia, I need to have $14,750 in my hands.  I've already paid $8,300 for her adoption.  Now, I would only need $970!!!!  WOWZER!!!  God is AWESOME!!  How crazy that this worked out and it's just the right amount of money!!!

Then I came down off the high.

That dirty fine print.  You can only claim it if the failed adoption was a domestic attempt.  Never mind that it was the US government that CLOSED the Nepal adoptions and have YET to find any evidence of child trafficking.  ALL of the pipeline families completed their adoptions with no evidence of fraud.

They could have at least thrown me a bone, or the $13,780 refund, for all of my emotional distress and loss of funds.  Thank you very much IRS.

But, I'm not losing faith.  I know that the Lord will provide.  I'm really hoping that he's leaning against the pearly gates, laughing with the angels, saying, "That would have been too easy Kristen.  I want to show off a bit and REALLY give you something to rejoice about!"  I know he is faithful and I just read this verse today:

"Is there anything too hard for the Lord?" - Genesis 18:14

Nope.  No there isn't.  And I am eagerly anticipating seeing how he pulls this one off!  I love giving him glory and praise and this next gig is going to be AWESOME!!


  1. Oh my goodness....I was about jumping for joy until I got to the "fine print" paragraph. :) What a great attitude you have Kristen...truly one that glorifies the King. :) Can't wait to see how He pulls it off, because He will!!!!!!

  2. oh my goodness! I was just like Meredith...totally jumping out of my chair! Soooo sorry about the fine print. But I know that our Father is going to provide abundantly. He's gonna surprise us!

  3. My 30 seconds of ecstasy was just crashed reading this!!!! Bummer!!!! Praying that God would blow you away more than that 30 minutes did!-KJJ