Saturday, January 21, 2012

Waiting to Exhale

Throughout this entire process I realized the other day that it's been equivalent to holding my breath. So much hoping, praying, and waiting. And waiting. Did I mention waiting? Every little piece of information was devoured the way a starving dog reacts to a scrap of food. It's not a good feeling. I don't think I've been totally aware of the mental and emotional mode I've been operating in until the other day.

Finally, I *think* there has been FORWARD progress. Ind*a has implemented a new system for completing adoptions. It appears that once this new system is completely up and running that it will help the process become smoother. In addition, it should expedite the cases of special needs kids. Sofia is considered special needs especially because of her age but also because of her scars from being burned. My agency registered me with the new system but we won't know for a week or so if it took. They only allow 100 PAPS to register each month so I'm really praying that it did in fact go through and that I'm officially in the system. I'm waiting to get my official registration number. If that happens, then I am one step closer to getting my official match with her. Please pray that my registration went through !!

On the Congo front, there is a family there right now who is completing their adoption of a sweet 5 year old little girl. It's been awesome to read their blog and get first hand reports. They went to the orphanage and took tons of pictures of all the children there. I can't tell you how amazing it is to see where baby Joaquin will be and to see the faces of all the children and the "mamas" who will be loving on him!!
Also, she confirmed that the children get one big meal every day. I know that might not sound great but in this country, there are many orphanages where the children eat one meal every other day or every third day. That is so disturbing to me. I work part time at a restaurant and I can't even begin to tell you how much food is thrown away every shift. We truly are blessed to live in a country where food and clean water are plentiful and even though you may have dissatisfaction with our government, it is a democracy and we do have say in how this country is run. Traveling to 3rd world countries has definitely impacted me and I am so thankful for all we have and also for my right to vote.

Hopefully next week I will get my registration number and then I will finally be able to exhale. Just a little bit ;)


  1. I know exactly what you mean by feeling like you are holding your breath. So glad to have found your blog... keeping your family in my prayers!

  2. Praying for you, my friend!!!! It's really great that they were even able to get on the site to register you....some agencies actually had a lot of difficulty even with that. So, that is a positive. :)

  3. Kristen, this is such a good description of the experience of waiting. I'm praying for good news for you next week, and a glorious exhale very, very soon. Bring that precious girl home, Jesus!!!