Saturday, December 15, 2012

I'm here!!!!!!

I made it!!! And I know your prayers worked because through the whole flight I had an amazing sense of peace even though it was a recipe for major anxiety!
I got to Chicago fine and the layover wasn't bad. The airline lady hooked it up and made sure I had a window seat with an empty seat next to me:)

That made up for the little girl behind me who kicked my seat the whole time she wasn't sleeping. But before that, they taxied out onto the runway and then sat there for about 20 minutes. Then they turned around because they said there was a loose panel and they had to fix it. Say what ??? I really should have gotten those anti-anxiety meds!
An hour and a half later we finally took off. About 20 minutes in I pulled out Big Blue and started inflating him. My seat mate didn't even flinch but the flight attendant did a double take! I was definitely pleased with this purchase because i was able to manipulate it to whatever position i needed. I was able to sleep about 2 hours before they served dinner. My dad definitely could not eat the food on this flight because it was spicy!! I'm glad I like spicy food! I got the veggie option and it was good. However I worked in the restaurant biz long enough to know to stay away from produce so I didn't eat any of that. So far, so good.

I ate and went back to sleep. Then we hit turbulence. I kept praying and that's when the little girl behind me yelled out, "it's scary!" Her mom said something to her in Hindi and the little girl said, "BUT IT'S SCARY!" I was thinking the exact same thing. I was also very happy in that moment that back in CHI town they decided to fix that loose panel:)

We arrived in Delhi for the layover only those of us who were traveling on to H*derabad had to stay on the plane. So they cleaned and restocked while we sat there. I was able to catch up on the Jason Bourne series.

I was starting to get worried because I knew my last flight was about 2 hours and it was already the time the hotel was expecting me at the H*derabad airport. The repair in chicago really out us back. I kept wondering if they would wait 2 hours for me?

A new couple boarded the plane and sat next to me. They had an adorable 8 month little girl named Minu. She was such a happy baby and I has so much fun with her! I had to seriously hold back asking if I could hold her. Instead we just played peek-a-boo and things like that. It made the flight go by so quickly.

We finally got to H*derabad! The airport is very clean and going through immigration was pretty quick. Getting my luggage wasn't. I was stressing at this point because I arrived almost 3 hours later than anticipated and wouldn't you know my luggage was the last to come off that plane? Anyway, I had to go through another immigration check point and then out to where they were supposed to be waiting for me. Only no one was there with my name on a card. The a very official looking man walked up to me and asked if I was Kristen? Turned out he had been waiting for me that whole time. I guess he ditched the name card when I was the last one out!

The ride to the hotel was great. It took about 35 minutes. Traffic is different for the US but still none of my travels have topped the craziness of the traffic in Mexico City! It was dark so I didn't get to see much of the city. The hotel is very nice and everyone has been awesome. The guy who took me to my room noticed my necklace, it's Munni's name. I told him I was adopting and we had a great conversation. He said he could tell that I loved her very much by the way my face lit up when I talked about her. I may or may not have doubled his tip for saying that :). He said
When I bring her back to the hotel we will celebrate with a high five lol!

I finally got to take a shower and man was that the best shower I've had in a long time! One thing that I wish I would have brought with me was the ocean nasal saline spray. My sinus were so dry from the flight.

So tomorrow I have a day to myself. I may sightsee or I might just relax depending on how I feel. I'm starting to crash so hopefully I will sleep really well tonight!
One final thing, I should have listened to my neighbor and brought compression socks. I look like an old nun. I have no ankle bones, just tree trunks. I've been elevating them so I hope it goes away soon or else I won't be wearing any of those cool bangles they have here!!!
Tomorrow I will be waiting for the social worker to arrive to find out when I can go and meet my princess. Please pray that it would be ASAP!!!!
Thanks again for all your prayers so far-THEY WORKED!!!!


  1. Ahhhh...This just makes me soooo happy. So happy. So, so happy. Can't believe you ARE THERE! You made your trip there sound like a breeze---

    Bummer about the "cankles"...

    Praying, praying...that maybe, just maybe you can get to see M sooner TOMORROW.

    Sending much love and more prayers to you.

  2. I've been following along for a few months and am just so excited to imagine you there today! Soak it all in so you can share your memories of that beautiful country with your daughter in the future. God bless you girls as you wind around eachothers hearts over these next few days.

  3. Yay! So glad that you arrived safely. I cannot wait to see that sweet girl in your arms! Woohoo!!!!

  4. Glad to hear that the traveling went well. It is hard to believe that you are in the country where your daughter was born and lives. Can't wait to hear more.


  5. Wahoooo!!!! Isn't it exciting just knowing you're mere minutes away from her right now? I can barely stand thinking about that without having palpitations on your behalf!! So, so thrilled for you -- and grateful for safe travels and kind people. Praying for you,


    So so happy to see your post!!! Nikki and I were on the phone, so we read it together and were screaming with joy! I'm so very happy for you my friend. I teared up when you told me about your necklace. Ahhh, can't wait till you meet her... I wish we could facetime. Praying for you...

  7. YAY, YAY, YAY!!!!!!!! I am soooo happy to see this post. I truly have been hitting refresh like CRAZY, and trying to calculate where you are....and calling Colista, and saying, "Check the flight thing again, where is she?" 'Cause I can't read that thing..... :o) I am praying for you....hope you get to see your precious little girl sooooon. Love you so much!!!!!

  8. So so so very excited for you!! Praying for every detail!!