Saturday, September 29, 2012

MAJOR answered prayer!

This morning around 10 my doorbell rang. Who the heck is ringing my doorbell on Saturday morning? I walk up to my door and see the blue uniform walking away and I got *real* excited!
It was a surprise because my caseworker told me she would email me before she FedEx'd it.  I never got an email so I just assumed she hadn't received it yet.

There was a list of instructions inside and the clock was ticking!!  First stop was the bank, to get a bunch of papers notarized.  Thankfully Sarah, who has notarized the majority of my adoption papers, was working so when she saw me running into the bank, she made the educated guess that I needed her services pronto!  It's been fun to share this journey with the people I've needed along the way so for her to be excited for me on this crucial step was awesome!

Next stop was the photo store to get 4 passport photos.  The owner of this shop has also been helping along this journey, so he too was excited.  I also got to ask him about a lens that I've been wanting to buy before I go on the second trip.  He told me he could give me a deal :)

Can you tell I was excited??!!

Next stop, the FedEx store.  I made copies for my records and sent the package on it's way!!!

While waiting, I texted my caseworker to let her know that it was sent and she should receive it by Monday morning.  She told me that I was assigned the attorney I was hoping for!!!  Which is in the court I was hoping for!!


My agency will receive the packet on Monday morning.  She will scan and email it to the orphanage and the attorney and also send the originals in the mail.  They should receive them by next Friday.  There is a *slight* chance that the attorney can schedule a court date with the scanned copy.  Otherwise, she will have to wait to have the originals in hand.

Best case scenario is that I can get a court date for the end of October.  PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE pray that I can get a date ASAP!

The best part about today was reading all of the legal paperwork stating that I will be her mom.
Throughout the document, she is listed with her legal name.  The majority of the orphans in her country are listed with their first name and then FNU- Family Name Unknown.

But not her.

She is - BABY MUNNI.

STOP.MY.HEART.  Love, love, love that!!!

I cried many happy tears today.  The Lord is SO good- I feel like I keep walking around in a daze because I can't believe that I get to be her mommy!!!!!

Thank you for all of the prayers- THEY ARE WORKING!!!!!


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  2. Booyah!!! The fast attorney and the easy court -- double whammy! So excited for you!

  3. WOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!! Good news ALL AROUND!!! So so so very happy for you. ;)

    Love you tons,

  4. How wonderful. Nothing like seeing the Fed-Ex man. I still see that truck drive by and smile. :-) So so happy for you!! You will celebrate Christmas with your new daughter!! (Hopefully Thanksgiving as well!)
    Bless you!

  5. Oh Kristen, I am OVERJOYED for you!!!! Great news!

  6. I am so happy for you and your daughter! :) Praying for a quick court date!!
    Karen Twombly

  7. SOOOOOOOOO happy for you!! Can't wait to see the first pictures of you sweet girl in your arm!

  8. So glad to read this! :)

  9. I'm sooooo happy for BABY Munni and her Amma!!! I'll be praying for you my dear for each and every step along to the way to be cleared quickly without any delay...

  10. Sounds like the final steps are falling into place...just right! This is wonderful news!!


  11. CONGRATS!!! You made me want to cry just reading your posts! I hope that everything goes great, without a glitch and that you and your family have safe travels picking up Baby Munni!

  12. I am so excited for you. I just recently started reading (stalking) adoption blogs and feel so blessed to watch the various different steps on each blog. We are still very early on in the process...we're currently waiting to be matched with an orphanage. We were uploaded into CARA's system on September 1st. I cannot wait to get to the point where you are!! Reality however is that we have a pretty long wait but that's okay...His timing, not ours! I got choked up watching your video to Munni. My emotions are already all over the place and I love this little girls that we haven't even been matched to.

    Could I ask how old Munni is? Our homestudy approved us for an age between 2 and 6. They also approved us for one up to two sibling girls.

  13. Awesome news! Seems to be moving right along --- yea!