Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I love voicemail!!

When I got out of school today, there was a voicemail from my caseworker.  She said she really wanted to talk to me today and could I call her back?  Um, right on it!!  First let me explain that she is a very, very busy woman.  She only deals with the families who are nearing the end of their adoption journeys so she's hard to get ahold of.  I had to leave a message and then wait.  and wait.  It always seems so much longer when you know someone has something important to tell you!

She called me back 2 hours later and told me that she received an update.  Apparently, the court affidavit was put in the mail yesterday and is on it's way to the USA!!!  She expects to receive it by Friday, Saturday the latest.  She said that usually they are full of errors but mine only had a really small one that won't affect it.  She will overnight it to me, I will get it notarized and overnight it back to her.  She will then scan and email it to the orphanage and the social worker who is on the ground over there.   She will also put the original in the mail.  There is a *slight* chance that the attorney can file the court date with the scanned version.  The biggest thing I need prayer for is which attorney and which court gets assigned to my case.  There is an easier court and there is a difficult court.  There is an efficient and quick attorney and there is a stubborn, slower attorney.  This could be the difference of me being able to make my first trip in 2-3 weeks after they receive the notarized affidavit or 2 -3 MONTHS.

PLEASE, PLEASE pray that the orphanage director will assign my case to the quick efficient attorney and easier court.

The best case scenario right now is that I will be traveling at the end of October!!!!  Please pray with me that this will come to fruition!


  1. O o o! ! ! Love these kinds of calls! Praying for you and Sweet M. Let's get the quick one!!!

  2. You bet I am praying towards that end!!!!

    Love you......

  3. Wow!!! I sure will be praying for the quick route! So excited for you! :o)

  4. Praying for the quick judge!! Also read your bad day post and it seems like we all get attacked when something good is about to happen. We are having transmission trouble too in our paid off handicap van and have to replace our water pump and tank in our house this week so I'm guessing maybe we'll hear something good on our end too ;) prayers for you and Munni!

  5. Oh Kristen, I've been praying for you. I don't want to hold onto any particular date... I just know that whatever date you travel, will be the one that HE has planned for you. I hope and pray that it will all happen fast...

  6. Boy do I understand that request!!! I will be praying for the efficient, quick route! ~Karen

  7. This is getting so exciting! Nearing the end of the process can be so emotionally draining. Keep holding it together!! Can't wait to hear that your suitcases have come out of the closet!


  8. OH how exciting!!! What wonderful news!!!!