Sunday, September 2, 2012

3 years to less than 30 days...

It was June of 2009 when I seriously started praying about adopting.  At that time, I had no idea from where I would adopt but from the beginning, my heart desired a daughter.  I prayed all summer whether or not it was God's will for me.  By the end of the summer of 2009, I had a definite sense of peace to move forward.  That fall I prayed for his guidance to lead me to a country.  I look back at everything I went through with Nepal that brought me to where I am today.  It's an incredible journey and I can't wait until she is old enough to understand all of the miracles that occurred in order to bring her home!

My BFF surprised me and came into town on Friday.  We went for dessert and I told her the good news I found out this week.  She made the comment that how crazy is it to think about how I've been on this journey for 3 years and in about 30 days, I'm going to meet Munni Grae for the very first time.  WOW!!!!!  It feels surreal!

Rewind to Tuesday night.  I was on my way to have dinner with my good friend Hollywood Mark when I received a call from L., the caseworker who deals with the families when they are about to travel.  As I sat in P.F. Chang's parking lot, we discussed MG, her adoption, and the next steps.  She asked me if I knew that my case was one of their miracle cases.  I told her that I thought so on my end but figured they dealt with this all of the time!  She said there were many things on their end that she saw as truly miraculous.  She has actually met MG several times so to be able to talk to L.  about her and her personality led to quite an emotional conversation.  By time I hung up, I was about 20 minutes late for my dinner date.  I walked into the restaurant and as soon as I saw Mark, I started to cry.  I reassured him they were tears of joy and went on to explain the 3 main points that were now bursting in my heart!

1)  She told me that she absolutely thought I would have my first court date before October 12th.  This is significant because being the neurotic person I am, I had already counted backwards to find out the last possible date I could have court so that ....
2) She will be home by Christmas!!!!!!  She told me that the passports for this region have been coming in super quick and that her passport should be issued during the 60 days that I have to stay out of India because of the visa requirements.  I asked her, "So I can arrive in India on day 61? Because I'm that person!"
3) the BEST news I found out is that from the time I arrive and go to the orphanage, I get to take her WITH me and she will spend the 3 days with me at the hotel and then we will go to court together!!!!!  I can't even begin to tell you HOW EXCITED I am about this!!  I am making this first trip by myself, so it will be just the two of us!  I am SO excited for this bonding time!

Right now I am waiting on a final document that summarizes all of my information.  I have to sign, notarize, and send it back to my agency.  Once they receive it, they will send it back to India and that paper is what gives me my court date.  L and I were praying that I would get it Friday morning, but unfortunately, that didn't happen.  She thought for sure I will receive it this week.  Will you please pray that it comes this week?

Last weekend, I went to the zoo and the reservoir to take some photos.  I love how they turned out!

If you haven't figured out already, I'm obsessed with elephants!!  Our zoo has the MOST beautiful elephant!!!
 Isn't she gorgeous?

 I love her kind of gal!

She looks happy, like she's dancing :)

Then I went to the Cheetah run.  The cheetah Sarah, just set a new world record!  I actually got to pet her when she came to our school!  She didn't run the day I went to the zoo but I did try and get some good action shots.  It was difficult because they are FAST!  It was about 95 degrees and there were tons of people there because of half price admission.  
 This was the first pic.  Obviously he was too fast for me!  Luckily, they do two runs, so I had a chance to adjust my aperture and shutter speed.

Second time's a charm!  Much better but wow, this was challenging!

 I love how intent he was on the lure!  I left the wire in the picture so you can see how close you are to this exhibit!  The zoo did such an awesome job with this!!

Love the mid-air spin move!

 With his "prey"  Did you know that every cheetah has 2000 spots and like zebras, no two have the same pattern?  It's also how their cubs recognize them!

 Taking the prey into the bush

The zoo also has a new cat exhibit.  These are the white tigers:
 Those paws are HUGE!

Love the color of his eyes!

 Then I took Rollie and Simon to the Reservoir.  They love to be off leash and get into the water.  This is the path leading to the water.

I. Love. This. Face.  

I've also been obsessed lately with water shots.  I've been working on catching the water droplets in mid air.  I love the pics I got of the doggies in the water.

 It was around sunset so I really like the sillouette of this picture of Rollie

I love this picture of Simon.  The water is so pretty and you can see what a mess he makes when he drinks!

I'm looking forward to this week, praying that I will receive the document in the mail!!!

Have a great Labor Day celebration!


  1. Praying, praying, praying for you & MG!!! I'm just so excited for you!!!!

    p.s. beautiful pictures by the way!!!

  2. How wonderful! We are so happy for you. Can't wait to have it all come together for your family.

  3. You know I am praying like crazy for the October 12th or before. :) And I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures. You did AWESOME.

  4. I am praying that you will receive your paperwork this week! I have butterflies just thinking of you getting on that plane -- and I love the way the adoption "pros" can see that your case is a miracle too!

  5. I pray you receive your document this week, actually Monday!! :)

  6. Kristen, I am so very happy for all of the miracles that you have experienced! Our God is so good. I'm praying that you receive all of the needed documents this week!

  7. Kristen!!!!!!!!! So happy for you. What an amazing journey! I can't wait to see photos of you holding MG in your arms. I'll be praying for you, MG and the paperwork to process fast. Remember, nothing is a coincidence. It was planned to be exactly this way, by Him, and it's happening exactly the way God intended.

  8. so exciting!!!! I can't wait!!!!!

  9. Oh, bless the Lord! I am joining you in prayer!!!
    Lots of love,