Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Jerry Maguire Kind of Moment

I'm feeling a lot like Jerry Maguire after he delivers his mission statement that he so passionately believes and he's trying to convince people to come with him.

Fundraising is hard.  It is very hard to ask people for money.  It is also very humbling.  There is nothing "Fun" about it so I think they should find a different word.  I am glad that I am only trying to raise 1/5th of his adoption costs.  I don't know how families do it who have to raise their entire amount.  It is a challenging, hard and faith-building process.  I will say that I know that adoption has forever changed my life.  In the same way that my mission trip to Africa changed my life many years ago.  I get it.  And from now on, this will be a part of my world that I will always campaign for, whether for my own adoption, for other families trying to adopt or for the rights of orphans around the world.

I came upon these statistics the other day and found them to be staggering.  They were from a Christian publication, so the emphasis was on Christian families.

34% of Christian families consider adoption
ONLY 1% do it
There are 163+ million orphans in the world who need a Forever Family
If only 7% of Christian families would adopt, there would be NO MORE ORPHANS

I know not everyone is "called" to adopt.  But, did you know the number one reason why people DON'T adopt is because of the financial costs of adoption?  If you can in any way contribute, you are literally, at least in Joaquin's case, saving a life.

Ordinary Hero is doing another $500 grant give away for the top seller between today and Sunday night.  I did not win the last grant, BUT a VERY kind donor gave me the $500 grant since I didn't win it:)  If you feel moved, you should check out their store  They have added some really cool jewelry, sheep to feed a village, and there are sales on some of the hoodies.  Just don't forget to click my name from the affiliates pull down menu on the billing page during checkout so I can get credit for the sale.  40% of each sale goes directly to the costs of my adoption.

Finally, I read this quote and it has stayed with me for the last several days:

I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world.  This makes it hard to plan the day. - E. B. White

I know for me I've found my greatest, lasting enjoyment usually has come from doing something that has involved giving a part of myself away- my time, my talent or my money.  I hope you will choose to pay it forward and in doing so, you will be paid back:)


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