Monday, April 25, 2011

Monsoon Season

It's been a month. wow.  Lola is driving me crazy.  Her list of offenses are described below:
1) chewed the passport - $ 225
2) chewed my leather planner - $80
3) peed on my bed - *&%$@
4) chewed up pictures that were in plastic bags in basement bookshelf - $ priceless
5) chewed up my ray bans that were on the dining room table - $175
6) chewed up my lip gloss and other magazines/papers making a huge, gloppy mess!

I am so irritated with her!!  Save the passport, I don't have the money to replace these items!  The sunglasses were a gift, which really tick me off.  She does not do well with thunderstorms, so I know she is acting out of her nervousness but my wallet cannot afford her anxiety attacks!  The last month has been a monsoon here.  She has broken out of her crate multiple times, I swear she is like Houdini.  I don't know how she does it.  I now have 45lbs of weight on top of her crate and lock the basement door.  She is slowly destroying my house:(  On top of all that, my basement completely flooded and my washing machine broke.  Sweet.  I just wish all of these storms and rain would go away!  There is a reason I don't live in Seattle - I need some sunshine!!!

The Congo

On the brighter side, I finally received my new, ELECTRONIC passport! and my birth certificate! Yeah!  So now I have all of my documents needed to send my dossier!!  I was just about to do the celebration dance when in a Murphy's law kind of way, an unexpected expense arose so that now I have to WAIT a little while longer before I can send in the check.  I'm trying not to be bitter. Seriously.  I keep telling myself that God has this under control and that HIS timing is perfect.  He knows where Baby Joaquin is, when he is coming home, and when that perfect time will be.  I've been spending a lot of time in the psalms and 57 has been on my mind much- specifically verses 2-3

"I cry out to God Most High, to God who will fulfill his purpose for me.  He will send help from heaven to rescue me... My God will send forth his unfailing love and faithfulness."

Again, I'm trying to align my head knowledge with my heart knowledge.  Trust is such a hard thing to learn in your heart!


So far, the suspension is still in effect.  The US government is not satisfied with the changes the Nepal government has made with intercountry adoption procedures so until they make more changes, the suspension will stay in place.  The good news is that in all of the families processed so far, there has been no fraud found.  As far as I know, there is still ONE family pending.  I am praying for them, that their visa will be issued quickly.  Please pray that the Nepal government will implement the necessary changes in order to lift the suspension.  In the end, it is the children who ultimately suffer.  I feel very strongly that God is making the way "straight" for Sofia to get out of there. Again, His timing is perfect and I continue to trust that he is working things out, breaking down barriers and providing the necessary means to bring her home.
  I'm done with April showers and really looking forward to May flowers. 


  1. Those little boys in the picture are so so cute. Praying it all comes together Kristen.

  2. Wait until Lola meets your baby girl & boy! Sherman went NUTS when I brought each of my girls home... tore things up, went potty in the house, chewed up trash, etc. Maybe Lola feels the day is very near & is starting her acting out now.;) Hang in there momma! Love, KJJ