Thursday, June 24, 2010

En Route...

When I started the paperwork process for the adoption in March, my goal was to have everything done on my part by June 1st so that my dossier could be sent July 1st- the date La Vida told me they wanted to send it. So from the beginning I have prayed that it would all get accomplished. I got the official email today that my dossier was shipped to Nepal yesterday, June 23rd! God has been so faithful to make sure that everything was accomplished in record time. I laughed when I read the email because if you remember, my original fingerprinting appointment for the USCIS was scheduled for June 23rd! Ha Ha! God had some very different plans:)

I also received a letter from the Bureau of Consular Affairs (I feel so official getting all of this governmental mail:) that my petition for Sofía's adoption has officially been given a case number and has been sent to the U.S. Embassy in Maharajhunj, Kathmandu!

The next steps will be for La Vida's representative in Kathmandu to review my dossier and obtain a "guarantee" letter from the U.S. Embassy- I'm thinking this should go smoothly since I already received the letter that they have already sent my petition to the embassy. The guarantee letter verifies that my immigration information and fingerprint information have been forwarded to the U.S. Embassy. Once they receive the guarantee letter, my dossier will be officially submitted to the Ministry in Nepal. I will receive an email when this happens.

Looking back over the past couple of months, I feel like I can't even comprehend how faithful God has been to me. It's absolutely amazing to see all of the prayers he has answered. I was reading in 2 Chronicles and this verse jumped out at me:

"...just as the Lord promised." 2 Chronicles 6:10

I think it's easy to just read over it and not really think about what it means. I wonder how many times I've read verses and not really grasped how faithful God is and how mighty he is to get things done! I know that he cares greatly for orphans and widows and mentions many times in the bible how those who care for them will be blessed. Well, I can attest that I have been so blessed since starting this adoption process. Most of all, my faith has grown incredibly! I've gotten to know God in a way that I've never known before and he has not been disappointing! And, I think one of the biggest lessons he has taught me is that when I completely surrender to him, he will take care of it and get it done. With that said, I have a complete sense of peace as I enter the next phase. From what I've read on other adoptive parent blogs, the waiting is hard because there is no tangible thing to do. I'm sure that there will be times where I am frustrated and anxious. My hope is that I will be able to look back at all he has done and simply trust that his timing is perfect and that I will get baby Sofía at the perfect time. Like I said before, he has not disappointed!
Any and all prayers are thankfully welcomed!!


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