Thursday, June 3, 2010

He came through! Part 1

Yesterday I woke up in a really bad mood. I wasn't feeling well and I wasn't feelin' "it." How quickly I lost the peace that I had yesterday. All day that stupid bad mood followed me like mosquitos on a summer night. Every time I got "bit" I got more irritated. Everyone driving was more idiotic than the last; there are turn signals for a reason people! There is a passing lane and a slow lane for a reason! Every single errand I had to run, something happened that made me roll my eyes and sigh with disgust. How are all these people so stupid? How am I the only one who gets it? I kept trying to pray but I could not shake this bad attitude! Finally, I was at the bank standing in line (after someone cut me off in the parking lot!) waiting to go next. As the person in front of me leaves, I get ready to step up to the teller and she tells me, "I'll be with you in just a moment," and goes and helps the 2 people in the drive- thru. UGH!! Hey! I went to the trouble to park my car, walk my butt in here, stand in line, and wait my turn .....then it hit me. Wait. All these annoying incidents were little tests of my patience. What is my attitude going to be while I wait? Am I going to be patient? Am I going to choose to be happy while I wait for God to work out all of this stuff? I started to laugh out loud because I realized what a jerk I'd been all day and that I completely failed God's quiz for me. O.K., I get it. I need to have a good attitude. That is the one thing that I do have control of so I might as well have control over it!

I went up to the next teller and managed to sincerely smile at her and thank her when I left. I still wasn't feeling that great, so I went home and decided to take a power nap to clear my head. Phone off, fan on, shades down.

Woke up feeling a lot better. Love when naps do that! I checked my phone and saw that I missed a call from La Vida. Dang! I checked my voicemail to find out that they were able to get in touch with the orphan officer at the Cincinnati USCIS branch. They told La Vida that they had some openings this Friday, like, in 2 days Friday, and that I could come down and get the fingerprints done. This would give the USCIS 4 weeks to process the I-171h form instead of 7 days.

God came through.

He did it.

And taught me a lesson.

I read the verse Psalm 34:5-

"Those who look to the Him for help will be RADIANT with JOY; no shadow of shame will darken their faces."

So, I wasn't exactly miss sunshine but I am realizing that when I surrender things to him, he does come through. And, I can be radiant with joy while I wait for him to do it! I'm such a stupid human sometimes, freaking out and taking on burdens that I have absolutely no control of the outcome. It is slowly sinking in and I'm learning to really trust him, consistently.

The last verse I read last night was Isaiah 49:23 -

"Those who hope in me will not be disappointed."

I'm going to really try and focus on this and be radiant with joy while I wait for him to complete the second part of the task I asked him to do- get the I-171h form processed before June 30th. Hopefully I'll get an "A" on this next test!

Please keep me, my attitude and the processing of the I-171h form in your prayers! Also a shout out to Anthony, for God moving in his heart and working it out so I can get my fingerprints done early!



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