Sunday, November 17, 2013

Urgent Prayer Request Please!!!

On Orphan Sunday, I wrote a post and specifically wrote about a little girl with albinism who had captured my heart when I went to meet Munni for the first time.  I cast my stone across the waters in hopes that God would use that post to find a forever family for her.  Later that night, a family contacted me and asked for more information.

That first email led to daily conversations and prayers and tears and encouragement.  Several days ago they notified me with great joy and love that….THEY ARE MOVING FORWARD WITH HER!!!!!!!  I am THRILLED for them and THRILLED for "E" but it is far from being over.  They are in the midst of a huge spiritual battle and they need your prayers.  I am DYING to tell you the back story on this because already, it is such a beautiful one!  My hope is that one day "E"'s mom and I will be able to blogshare her story :)  It's incredible how God was already weaving our lives together and placing people in our paths so that they would find their way to "E."

During the two weeks when we were praying for them about adopting "E," I kept coming back to the same couple of verses Jeremiah 1:5 and Psalm 139:14 - I kept thinking about how when she was being formed in the womb, God knew she would have albinism.  Our human minds label that a special need.  God labels that a special deed!  He knew the plans he had in store for sweet, beautiful "E" from the beginning and let me tell you, I have no doubts that this little one is going to be changing the world!  I also kept thinking about how she was fearfully and wonderfully made.  Yes, her albinism is what captures your attention, but it's her sweet personality and beautiful smile that keeps it!

 Their agency is 100% on board and willing to do whatever they can.  This is where we need your prayers please:

*Theirs is an unusual case to begin with and is already being handled by CARA due to some extenuating circumstances.  Please pray that CARA will contact the RIPA where "E" is and request the CSR so that CARA can match them on the CARINGS website.  It is CRUCIAL that CARA be involved so that they can be matched with "E" on the CARINGS website.   The RIPA is known for being hard to communicate with so please, please pray that the directive would come from CARA.
*Since there has been no interest in "E" and she has been there for several years, it's very possible that her CSR is outdated or possibly "misplaced."  Please pray this is not the case- that her CSR can be forwarded as quickly as possible to CARA and to the family.
*She is not listed on the special needs database but because of her special need being so unique, it should not be difficult for CARA to request the info from the RIPA.

I have been giddy with joy every day since they have contacted me.  The thought that one day she and Munni would meet again - two "sisters" with their two forever families - fills my heart full of so much happiness and love it brings tears to my eyes.

Last night "E"s dad said, "She is becoming the most beautiful girl in the world every time I look at her picture."
That's a father's heart right there.  Let's pray this precious one home!


  1. I will be praying that no paperwork snags prevent the blessing of this child being united with the family that already loves her so dearly!

  2. Oh how wonderful! Such happy stories all around and I hope everything keeps working out so we can keep hearing about it :) LOTS of prayers for them and E!

  3. I just love how every family's story is so unique, yet perfectly timed and formed! Praying that this story continues to unfold in just the right way to unite this little girl with a loving forever family!


  4. Praying BIG!! Can't wait to hear details :)