Thursday, April 25, 2013

Letter To Munni

I've been a cleaning fool while Munni is at school.  One of my biggest challenges is paper management.  My house is small, I mean really, really small and I tell people if they blink they will miss the tour :)  So, it's crucial I stay on top of it but I just haven't figured out a method that really works for me!  Anyway, while going through all the paperwork, I happened upon this letter I wrote to Munni after my first trip to meet her.  I had completely forgotten about it.  Reading it made me realize how much has changed in such a short time.  I'm writing it here in case I lose the paper :)  Here it is:

December 20, 2012

Dear Sweet Munni,
    I am sitting the the Hyderabad airport waiting for my flight to go back to the U.S.  I can't even put into words how much I wish you were here with me!
  You completely rocked my world Munni!  You were so much more than I imagined and the way we connected and bonded so quickly, was a confirmation from the Lord that He brought us together indeed!
   The first moment we met, I will always remember your sweet smile!  You had an exam at school so you weren't there when I came.  They went to get you and you so quietly walked in.  M. was talking to S. in Hindi and I had no idea what they were saying.  All of a sudden, I heard your name and they both looked behind me.  There you were!  You looked so cute with your green school uniform and backpack as big as you were!
    I knelt down in front of you and told you how much I love you.  You just smiled :)  I took both of your hands and kissed them.  You liked that!  I asked if I could hug you and motioned as if I would and you smiled so I went for it!  You were so small!
     You sat on my lap and I gave you the pink sunglasses I bought for you.  They were a big hit- you loved them!  You recited your numbers 1-100 in English.  I was so impressed and you sounded so cute in your little Indian accent!
     I also brought you Gummy Bears- You loved them!  Orange was your favorite!
     Then this man came to take your picture for court and for your visa.  I got to hold you for the court picture and I loved it!  You were a little taller than I thought - you grew 7 inches from January 17th, 2011!
     After the pictures, your caretaker took you back to change you and get you ready to leave with me!  I was going to have you for 3 whole days!!!

My flight must have been called because that's all I wrote.  It was such a sweet reminder of all I felt when I met her for the first time.  What an amazing moment!

I love you sweet Munni!!!! 


  1. I can't wait for her to be able to read and understand this... and totally understand that you never wanted to leave her after court the first time. <3 She rocks my world, too. So thankful she is your daughter, and you're her mommy (or mom--silly girl) ;).

  2. Such vivid writing.. like we were right there with those glasses on, chewin' the gummy bears! LOL