Sunday, November 11, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - Photography

This was the longest week ever!  I had an in-service day which honestly, I'd rather have my students!  And also, we had our first conferences as well so that made for a late night.  I was so excited about these prompts but because of the busyness of the week, I didn't think I'd have time to get them all.  So I came up with an additional challenge for myself (like I don't have enough going on right now!) and decided to put my big girl camera away for this assignment and instead, use my iphone with my lens attachments I have for it.  I had SO MUCH FUN doing this!  I used three lenses:  Macro, fish eye and wide angle.

Here are my interpretations:

Nature- My neighbor's tree is in all it's glory right now!  I love the funkiness of the fisheye for this:

Cooking:  I went to my sister's to hang out and to see Barkley Boy....only Barkley and his new humans weren't home :(  I was sad, but we are trying for round 2 today.  It's a tradition in our household to eat cheese popcorn while watching movies.  As you can tell, the popper has many years under its belt!

Whimsical:  This house was built by one of the Design Professors at UC's DAAP program.  It's been around since I was little.  It's right up the street from me and it makes me giggle every time I see it.

Vintage/retro:  This theatre has been around a very long time.  They've repaired the sign and now they have a ball that starts at the top of the 20th century and drops at the New Year's Eve party.  It's an amazing staple in this community!!

Week's Best:  Originally I thought I'd use my sister's bird house, but then when I was driving for my ritual morning coffee, I drove by the mushroom house and used that instead.  I love the sun flare and how the bird house is nestled in the trees.

I didn't hear anything about my court date for MG, and being that next week is Diwali, that puts me at the week of Thanksgiving for the next possible time for me to maybe hear something.  I keep praying and trusting.  That's all you can do, right?


  1. Hope you hear something soon. Love the retro theater, bet they have some great showings there. I didn't know there were lens attachements for iphone. I gotta get in the loop.

  2. Love the fish eye lens tree! Such a cool effect!

  3. Whimsical is amazing!! Love nature too! I am a teacher as well, we have our conference day tomorrow, I can totally relate!

  4. I've been having fun with my iPhone camera, too. I haven't even begun to explore lenses! What a funky house. I love the fish eye. Looks like the tree is in a bubble. As a former teacher, I can relate.

  5. Oh, Kristen...these are too fun. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that house. Seriously, I want to live there. Does someone actually live in it? And I am that popcorn is making me drool. You have to tell me again how to make it. :) I'm so praying for you....I think you'll hear soon....I'll talk to you soon, and tell you my theory about it. :)

  6. Cool set of photos, intriguing subjects in each. Like the fisheye of your first and that house is very whimsical.

  7. That is one crazy house. Great set of photos love your dogs too.

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  8. I love what you can do with an iPhone! I've never explored lenses but love all the different camera apps.

    The house is seriously it! And the popcorn...I've never heard of making cheese popcorn (I've only every bought it in a bag). The pan is proof of many good nights spent with family :)

    And I honestly learn something new every time I read your blog or get an email from you. I had no idea what Diwali was and had to google it.

    Still praying that you'll hear something SOON!!! And still hoping I can find our "her" name before you go!!

  9. These are wonderful. I love your "nature" shot. Very creative!

  10. Missed checking this out last week.
    Glad I checked back this week. I loved your Nature Shot and the Vintage Theatre and that cool looking Whimsical house.