Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring is upon us!

I love my garden. I could sit on my front porch for hours just looking at the flowers and listening to the birds sing. Have I mentioned how many birds there are in my neighborhood? I think it has something to do with the Birdman who lives 2 doors down from me. He has a very distinct whistle/song that he does and it brings birds flying from all over! What's even crazier is that when he comes home everyday, and his truck pulls up, the birds all flock to his house because they know he's going to feed them! Even though my neighborhood is urban, it feels as if I'm living in a nature sanctuary. Here are a couple of shots from my garden this morning:

Bleeding Hearts!!

And when I left yesterday morning for school, nothing had bloomed yet. We had thunderstorms all day. When I came home from school, Joaquin's tree had bloomed!

I love, love, love, spring!

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  1. Kristen....I literally just came inside the house from taking pictures of my neighbor's flowers. And the reason I took the pic's was so I could do a post about Spring...and then I came inside and looked at your blog. :) See, we are so alike. We like the same dogs...we think about the same posts. :o)

    Anyway...your flowers are gorgeous. Love them!!!!