Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Well, the first couple of days of the grant fundraising competition was AWESOME and it landed me a spot in the top ten!  It almost felt like I was on American Idol!!!  But then today, no email in my inbox encouraging me, which means someone else bumped me out of the top ten.  NEVER FEAR!!!  I AM NOT GIVING UP!!!  I know that I have asked many of you to buy something on my behalf and you have blessed me beyond belief!  THANK YOU!!!  For those of you who haven't bought anything, or thought, "I'll get to it later,"  will you PLEASE consider buying something?  You can be part of Sofia's story!!  I can't wait to tell her about everything that fell into place to bring her home and fundraising through Ordinary Hero is a big part of her story!  I'm so excited to think about seeing her face when she realizes that SO MANY PEOPLE played a part in getting her home!!!

The Ordinary Hero store has an incredible inventory right now!  There are products for every budget and if you don't need anymore "things" in your house, you can always choose to buy a product donation and I will still get credit!!  Just don't forget to click on my name during checkout!!

How cool are these cool product donations:


Finally, throughout this entire process I've tried to be as transparent as possible- with my joy, my pain, my struggles and my anger.  My hope in doing so is that if anyone is thinking about adopting or knows someone who is interested in adopting, I hope that my journey would encourage them.  YES there have been some really hard days, probably the most emotionally challenging thing I've ever battled.  However, EVERY TIME I look at her face, it's ALL WORTH IT.  I would go through it again if that's what would bring her home.

Is it expensive?  Yes.  But so is childbirth.  You just don't realize it because most of you who've had children also have insurance that pays for the bulk of the bill.  But if anyone was considering adoption and the one thing holding them back was the money issue, I would say, don't let that be the thing that holds you back.  The Lord WILL provide.  And He will do it in ways you couldn't have imagined and through people you never would have guessed.  And the best part?  It's such a blessing that will touch you at your core.  I have saved every note that people have sent and have documented their gifts because I want Sofia to know that she was loved BEFORE she was even here!  It has also shown me that I'm loved- and that brings tears to my eyes:))  The good kind of tears!

Below is how much I've spent and how much has been given in regards to these two adoptions.  I did not include the money that I spent on Nepal.


From others (cash donations):  $2,280
From OH grants:   $1,494
From me:  $11,105
Still Owe (upon referral):  $8,116
I will also have some incidentals like airfare, embassy fees, lodging, etc.


From others (cash donations):  $100
HUA grant:  $3,500  (I originally won this for Joaquin, but since I'm in a holding pattern, they let me apply it to Sofia's adoption)
From me:  $6,305
Still Owe (upon signing her official referral) $14,750 *gulp*
I will also have to pay for 2 roundtrip tix and 1 one-way for her plus incidentals like embassy fees, visas, lodging, etc.

All in all, so far I have paid $17,410 and from everywhere else $7,486.
This is why I am working part-time 3 nights a week and have taken drastic measures like cutting my cable:)  I posted this because I want the people who have donated to know that I'm not a slacker, that I APPRECIATE every dollar that has been given to me, and to be an encouragement to anyone who may have a stirring in their heart to adopt- YOU CAN DO IT!!!  God will make the way!!

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  1. So true Kristen - He will provide all the resources for His plans....count on it.