Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pins and Needles

I found out that my two friends Sarah and Mer have received approval from CARA!!!! This is very exciting!! The three of us made it into the system's first batch of 100 PAPS. Under the new guidelines, Ind*a is trying to keep up with the paperwork so they only allow 100 files register each month with the goal to process those cases before the next 100 are registered. I'm hoping and praying that my file has received approval as well. I've also been praying that the three of us would be able to travel would be such a blessing!! I've emailed my caseworker but I haven't heard anything back. Today I had to call to verify something with the paperwork and I found out that she has been out sick. So maybe, just maybe, when she makes it back to work she will have good news for me!

The next step after the official approval from CARA will be for my file to get sent to Sofia's orphanage.  Please pray that I get the official acceptance SOON!!


  1. Praying!!!! Yipppeee!!! Can't wait to hear!!!!!!

  2. I cannot wait....I am sure you will hear something very soon!!!!!