Friday, February 17, 2012


I found out yesterday that my registration/file has been formally approved by CARA, which is Ind*a's central federal agency that oversees the adoption process!!  First huge step in the right direction!  My caseworker told me that they still don't know what the next steps will look like since the implementation of the new procedures.  What we are ultimately waiting for is for me to receive Sofia's child study report so that I can formally accept her referral.  Then, I will wait to be officially matched.  Some more good news is that families who were in process before the January 20th registration date, have had their cases pick up speed.  It appears that Ind*a is adhering to their new time guidelines for special needs cases.  This is fantastic news because HOPEFULLY after I receive her file, they will adhere to the time lines for her case.  This would be absolutely amazing.  You can guess what I'm praying for next :)

Happy President's Day Weekend!!!!


  1. Great! One more step. I am praying for you and your girl

  2. Hooray!! Awesome news!!!!!xoxo!

  3. I am over-the-top thrilled for you! Wonderful news! I can't wait to see that sweet girl with her mama!

  4. Kristen-
    I'm blogfriends with Sarah and Mer - and have been watching your blog and praying for you. So happy you got the approval! Similar to you, we were in the Nepal program - although only in VERY early stages - so didn't have much invested. We watched the program the entire year of 2009 - and it didn't seem things were going gave up our 2010 slot. We are hoping to pick up our daughter from India sometime this spring or summer. God is at work moving this process along -- :)