Saturday, April 5, 2014

April Fools ! - NOT :)

So guess what I got in the email on Tuesday, April 1st?  yup, an email from my USCIS officer telling me that she approved my I-800!!!!!!!!

I was at lunch with my co-workers when I checked my email on my phone and at the exact time that the subject line came up, a little ladybug landed on my arm :)  I started crying because I had prepared myself for AT LEAST a month of waiting.  I still can't believe it!  I received the hard copy in the mail on Friday.  Next, I will fill out the DS-260, which is the visa application for Baby R!! And NEXT will be Article 5!!!

I also received another email from the DOS that I don't have to have Munni's COC (certificate of citizenship) completed before I request her file to be returned.  They gave me all the addresses and instructions on how exactly to fill out the forms.  Around 6 pm that night, I received another email from the DOS.  The officer explained that she had taken the liberty to request my daughter's file and unfortunately, there were no original items in the file.  That made me sad but the good part is that the officer took the time to do that and then told me to file the G-639 FOIA and I will get copies of her entire file!  While it's not her original, I'm hoping there is a copy of her Indian birth certificate in there.  I  had explained in the email about my luggage getting stolen upon arrival in the US.  The officer was so nice and said some really nice things in the email.  It renewed my hope in government employees because she went out of her way to make it easier for me.  There are people who still have compassion!!!

In some other good news, another family who is adopting from the same state as me, just found out last week that the SARA committee (for state level clearance) requested some more information about her child.  Why is this good you ask?  Because they haven't met in over 7 months so the fact that they are requesting info means that someone is looking at the files- and we are praying it's because they are getting ready to meet!  I know that all of my stuff is in the right place in Ind*a, so please pray that this meeting will happen.  It will affect all the families who are adopting from this state.

Please keep praying!!!


  1. Yes, praying!!! I am so excited for you and your family! :)

  2. Yes! I will certainly keep praying!