Saturday, March 15, 2014

There's a Lesson to be Learned….

and if I'm honest, I'm really, really not down with it.
My selfish, impatient being is fighting it.
I know God is bringing me to a deeper level of trust and rest- that I MUST trust in him AND (the biggest part) REST in him and his omnipotent power.

Today I received the document I needed for the RFE.
Aaaand….there's a mistake in it.
Womp womp womp :(
So, I have to wait until Monday for a new letter to be drafted.
Another 3 days or so for it to get to me in the mail.
I'm hoping and praying I can get everything to USCIS by the end of next week and then REALLY praying that my officer will be quick in issuing the approval.

Every adoptive mama is crazy with wanting to get everything done yesterday ASAP, but there's a back story here.

I know that the state level clearance meeting hasn't met in R's region in about 7 months.  I've been praying that I would be the last woman on the train if you get my gist.  I don't want to even think about the other option :(

So, I must wait and trust.  Trust that God is moving on her behalf.  I don't believe in the "God's perfect timing" thing as I wrote about here.  I don't believe for one second that it's his will for children to languish in orphanages months and years waiting for their forever families.  So instead of praying for "God's perfect timing," Please pray for God's swift and powerful hand to work on R's behalf.  Please pray that God would nudge the right people's hearts to move her paperwork forward.

This is a spiritual battle and the enemy is fighting it every step of the way.

I also need to take comfort daily that THE BEST WARRIOR OUT THERE is on my side and fighting for sweet, baby R.

Again, the other night I was reading the OT and God cracks me up when he asks his people questions. He really does have a way to deliver zingers- but in a way that doesn't tear you down :)  I love (ok, not really love but am grateful) when he puts my fear in check.

"This is what the Lord of Heaven's Armies says:  All this may seem impossible to you now….But is it impossible for me? says the Lord of Heaven's Armies." - Zechariah 8:6

I love this for so many reasons.  I love it that he reminds me how small my mind is.  How limited my vision is.  I love that he refers to himself TWICE as the Lord of Heaven's Armies.  As in, are you getting this Kristen?  I am LARGE AND IN CHARGE.  And personally, I love his frankness.  It always makes me laugh.  When he answers with questions, I know it's good :)

So here's my proverbial raising the glass to the Lord of Heaven's Armies.  Thank you for taking names and kicking butt for Baby R!!!!


  1. Psalm 82...this is my prayer for all of the India babies. Read a commentary on this psalm. I think you'll be encouraged. God is good! Sometimes people aren't. We need to pray your sweet girl home!!!!

  2. Praying for everything to go smoothly and for your baby girl to be home with her forever family SOON!