Thursday, March 20, 2014

So About That Lesson…..

Just two days later on Monday, I had a meltdown.  One of those ugly cry kinda meltdowns.  On the phone.  With my caseworker.

It hit me hard.  All day I was consumed with planning, strategizing, and trying to figure out a way to not have to wait 5 days to get the letter from my former agency.  And in the midst of that scheming, I called USCIS.  I did keep it together with the very nice officer who answered the phone while I explained my plight to her.  She gave me the news I was hoping for- they would accept a scanned copy of the letter!  I then went into full on email/call/text stalking mode of my caseworker.  When she called me back, my emotions erupted like a volcano.  Thankfully, she is so kind and understanding and was completely willing to go into psycho mode with me :)  She was able to get the agency to send her the letter and in turn, sent it to me.  I printed it off and high tailed it to the post office to overnight it to USCIS.

Tuesday morning my stalking practices resumed and I was able to verify that the documents were delivered and signed for at 9:25 am.


A little while later, I received an email from my caseworker.  THE BEST KIND OF EMAIL.  It contained 3 new pictures of sweet baby R- and she is SMILING in the pics!!!!  I SO wish that I could show you her adorable face, but she's not legally mine yet so I can't.  Here's a sneak peak of her adorableness:

Please note- I LOVE that her orphanage is so quick about requests.  I LOVE that you can tell she is cared for and loved.  And I LOVE that they put the kissing angels photoshop sticker on this photo :)
The first thing my Munni Bird said when she saw this was, "Mommy!  R has yellow sunglasses same like me!"  Ever the fashionista…noticing the accessories first!

While I was thrilled to receive these pictures, it also made me sad because she is changing so much :(  It's painful to know that she's experiencing so many of her firsts without her mama and big sister.  I am going to call USCIS tomorrow in hopes that I will find out that my officer approved my I-800.  PLEASE pray that the approval happened!!!  I'm praying that it happened so the next steps will be:

1) DS-260 Visa application
2) Article 5 (last piece from the US side)
3)  State level clearance (Ind*a)
4)  Federal level clearance (Ind*a)
5) Court
6) Written orders
7) Her passport issued
8) TRAVEL!!!!

In some cases, steps 3 and 4 happened simultaneously.  I'm praying this will be the case for her!!!
Thank you for all of your support and encouragement and please keep praying… God is answering!!


  1. Believing with you that we will have our approvals by tomorrow! Come on USCIS!!!!

  2. Praying everything goes quickly and smoothly and you can bring your newest daughter home quickly to her forever family!

    God bless you