Friday, February 7, 2014

Prayers for Next Week Please!

I found out yesterday that next week, God willing, there should be some movement in R's case.  Please pray that the most efficient hands are at work.  I've been praying specifically that everything would be wrapped up and ALL of my documents (some of them are there already) will make it to Ind*a in the next 3 weeks.  There is a reason for this on the Ind*an side but I can't share yet.  Please, please pray for this to happen!

In regards to Munni's passport issues, I received some documents yesterday that *should* be what the DOS needs to go ahead and issue it despite me not having her original Ind*an birth certificate.  I am going to mail everything to the Department of State so that they receive everything on Monday.  Again, please pray this will be sufficient because it's the only solution we could find.

Hopefully, I will be posting soon that God moved mountains!!