Sunday, February 2, 2014

Mumble Jumble

This past month or so I've been learning and reflecting and trying to process a bunch of stuff.  It's left me in a state of feeling uncomfortable.  I've realized how much I've been holding back on celebrating R's adoption and I've been riddled with Mommy guilt because of it.  Last fall was such a stressful time for me between fundraising for R's adoption and trying to navigate all of Munni's health care issues.  I'm pretty sure I cried every day of September and October.  Having that as my main focus was a huge distraction from R's adoption.  Then in December, we pretty much wrapped up Munni's medical stuff for now and we went straight into the Christmas season.  That's like the Super Bowl of distraction :)  On top of that, some of my very best adoptive mamas had STILL been waiting on news of clearance for their process.  When you go through adoption, the support you receive from other adoptive parents is like nothing else- seriously, we circle the wagons for each other.  My heart ached for these beautiful friends of mine and honestly,  it was hard to rejoice in R's adoption because I was feeling so frustrated about the lack of movement in their cases.  I know they would never want me to feel that way but honestly?  If I were in their shoes, I would have a very hard time trying to be encouraging to someone who was on their second adoption when my first hasn't been completed and I still didn't have an assurance from the sending country's government.

Thankfully, God has been seriously moving mountains this last month in Ind*a.  It seemed like everyday I was on a forum, there were MULTIPLE posts of clearance after clearance and FINALLY mamas posting about their travel plans.  In addition, my closest friends received the news they had been waiting for!  I was seriously overjoyed for these families! Watching their process and praying with and for them and to arrive at the point where it's green lights from here on out is something to shout from the mountain tops!

During that time of major movement, I had a sneaky suspicion that something was up with R's immigration.  Turns out I was right.  The USCIS sent me an RFE (Request For Evidence).  I can't go into details but it is honestly so frustrating because the complaint is extremely petty.  I was on the phone with my officer and I honestly didn't understand what the problem was.  He tried to explain it to me 3 times and I finally acted like I "got it."  I called my caseworker and she didn't get it either.  Anyway, it's going to be fixed but it is delaying her case by at least 3 weeks.  Please pray that it will move quickly and that everyone who has to do something, will do it efficiently.  Unfortunately, there is nothing that I can do but pray.  It's all in everyone else's hands.

In another turn of exciting events, not, I heard back from the Department of State that they won't issue Munni's US passport without her Ind*an birth certificate.  Yup.  Whoever stole my bag in Dallas Ft. Worth airport, I SERIOUSLY pray that doing that helped you because all it's done for me is cause major headache and serious heartbreak.  Thankfully, another adoptive mama (See!  I told you we have each other's back!) told me that she had a similar problem and that I should contact my senator because she did that and they got it straightened out real quick.  I contacted him last Sunday and received an email on Friday.  I have to submit some paperwork to them so please pray that it will all get sorted out and that they will issue her passport.

We've had the snowiest winter that I can remember which means we've had lots of days home from school.  I have loved every single one of them.  I know some parents are going crazy because their kids were bouncing off the walls, but I've loved it because normally I feel so stressed during the week that by time the weekend comes, I'm not the fun mom I want to be :(  Plus I only have 1 child and I know that makes a huge difference!  We've enjoyed sleeping in and lounging in our PJs.  We've watched fun movies and played lots of games.  Munni had her first sledding experience with my awesome neighbors.  We also celebrated today which is Simon's Gotcha day :)  Munni and I both LOVE him so much and he has been instrumental in her bonding and healing.

I'm still processing all I've been learning and hope to write about it soon.  In the meantime, here are some pics from our snowy January!

Norman Rockwell :)  I got the "closed" call after I got out of the shower, so I went and snapped a few pics of the beautiful snow!

My Rollie Poly!  He's such a sweet boy

My princess!

My handsome boy!

a rare appearance by Lululu

Are you done yet?

Sleeping Beauty

Best friends and Best Snuggy buddies!

True Love.


  1. I was so excited to see that you posted! I hope everything gets straightened out with baby "R" soon.

  2. I know what you mmean about adoptive mamma friends...I struggle with that too. Praying for your process and for Munnie's passport! I LOVE snow days too!

  3. I can't believe how much Munni has changed in the time she has been with you. She is growing up so fast. Hope the path clears for Rs adoption soon. As always, these ups and downs are so unfortunate AND so understood.


  4. Okay....gonna try this again, on the big computer. ha ha. I am so praying for baby R, and all this paperwork to get straightened out FAST. And I am so thankful for you, and all that you have done to pray for us, and encourage us!!! And I am so glad that we got our NOC so that you can feel FREE to start talking about R's process more without feeling bad. :) I love you.....tons and tons and tons.