Sunday, May 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Munni!!

About a month ago, I started talking to Munni about her birthday.  She didn't know what a birthday was or that she even had one.  We practiced saying when her birthday was, how old she is now, and how old she was going to be.  A week into it, she was getting the idea and was very excited for her birthday to arrive.  Finally, May 17th was here!  I woke her up by singing happy birthday to her.  She loved it!  It became the new "Merry Christmas" as when she saw Simon she said, "Happy Birthday Simon!" and then, "Happy Birthday Rollie!" and "Happy Srida!" (my cat's name is Frida, but she pronounces her "f" like "s"!)  It was too cute!
We got ready and I gave her my present.  It had been sitting on the mantle for a couple of days and she was so excited to finally open it!  I bought her a cross necklace, very similar to mine.  I bought it for two reasons:  1) Munni LOVES Jesus.  I mean, she really, really, really loves him.  She always wants me to read her "Jesus stories," she wants to listen to "Jesus songs," and whenever we drive by a church she says, "Jesus house!!"  I never taught her that.  There are so many things about her love for Jesus that are a complete mystery to me since she was raised in a Hindu orphanage.  2)  She loves to do everything I do.  If I'm eating or drinking something, she wants it.  If I'm cleaning something, she wants to do it too.  If I'm wearing pink flip-flops, she puts hers on and loves to say, "Same, same, poppy same!"  So when she opened her necklace, she squealed in delight, clapped her hands, and said, "Mommy!!  Same, same, poppy same!!"  That made my day!
I dropped her off at J's house before school and when J opened the door, Munni said, "Happy Birthday!"  It was hilarious!!  The family she goes to in the morning before school has been so welcoming and kind to Munni.  Seriously, they are an answer to prayer because that was a really hard decision to make in regards to where she would be before and after school.  They have a daughter close to Munni's age and Munni loves her!
As I drove away, I started crying.  And I couldn't stop.  I was completely overwhelmed with joy and in complete awe of all the miracles that happened in order for Sweet Munni to finally be celebrating her birthday.  My whole drive to work I kept thanking God for entrusting me with this sweet, beautiful, little girl!  It was a rain shower of love all the way to work!
After school, I picked Munni up and we headed home to get ready for her party.
She was so excited to wear her peacock dress!
Munni picked out this tiara herself :) 
A month or so ago, my friend Trish contacted me about making Munni's first birthday cake.  She was the former manager of the restaurant where I worked part-time for 6 and a half years.  She was working there when I started on my journey to find Munni and she followed my story.  She left the industry to start her own cake making business.  Let me tell you, she is talented!!!  When she told me that she would love to make Munni's first cake as a special celebration, I knew EXACTLY what kind of cake she would want.  Peacock!  She LOVES peacocks!!!  We bought a peacock dress for her to wear at her party and she would tell everyone that she was going to have a peacock cake and a peacock dress!  Trish arrived with the cake and I think Munni was going to burst at the seams!  The cake was BEAUTIFUL!!!!
Look at the excitement!!  And the Christmas carols on the piano lol!

Thank you Trish for making SUCH a beautiful cake that will forever be treasured in our hearts!  If you live in the greater Cincinnati area and you need a cake, I strongly recommend Kakes by Trish!  Not only are they a pure work of art, but they are SO delicious!!!
Right as we started to head to the park for her party, it started to rain.  That did not dampen her spirits!! Thankfully, the park had a big shelter and it worked out :)  I only invited immediate family and a couple close friends because I didn't want to overstimulate Munni.  She had so much fun!!
In all his glory!

The anticipation!!
Her Pink "Cycle!"
We sang happy birthday and I got choked up.  To see her so happy, surrounded by love, completely got to me!  I am so thankful for Munni and for everyone who loves her!  She was so excited to blow out the "7" candle and open her gifts!

She received lots of wonderful gifts  including a "cycle from Grandpa and Papa.  She doesn't quite get how to pedal but she's excited to learn!  It was a great party despite the rain and I know Munni had a wonderful time!

The next day, I took her to the local Ugadi festival, which is the Telugu New Year celebration.  We saw wonderful performances like this one from this beautiful Indian princess:

 Munni kept asking me if she was going to dance... There's something I need to put on my to-do list!

We had an amazing birthday weekend filled with love.  Thank you to everyone who has loved Munni and made her feel cherished!
My Sweet Munni- YOU ARE LOVED!!!


  1. Yes, you ARE LOVED, sweet child. You made her first birthday very special, and I'm sure she will always remember it. The cake was gorgeous. So thankful I know you both.

  2. Thank you for letting me be part of this wonderful celebration. She is a very remarkable child. Trish... "Kakes by Trish"

  3. This made me teary, too -- so grateful she is home, healthy, and surrounded by people who are teaching her how special and loved she is!

  4. What a special day for such a special girl!

  5. Happy Birthday, precious girl! You are soooooo loved!!!

  6. What a wonderful celebration! Happy 7th Birthday, Munni!