Saturday, October 27, 2012

Farewell Barkley :(

Today Barkley is going to his new family.  And I'm going to miss that blockhead.  It's amazing how dogs can worm their way into your heart in such a short period of time.
I am very happy though for Barkley.  He hit the jackpot.  I was very, very picky about who would be his forever family.  He had issues from being chained his whole life so I wanted to make sure that he went to someone who would be patient and understanding.  

Selfishly, I also wanted to be able to see him again.  With the help of my sister, we were able to find the perfect home for him!  There is an older couple, empty nesters, who live in my sister's neighborhood.  He is a part-time doctor and his wife is full time retired:)  They are "dog" people and just recently lost their Golden of 15 years.  They walk every day 2-3 miles and recently decided they were ready to have another dog.  Barkley was at my sister's house for about a month and that's when they saw Barkley.  And fell in love.  I mean, who can resist that face?  

He's pretty adorable and his personality is sweet as sweet can be.  I will definitely miss seeing his face in my window when I come home....even though I can just see his face, I can tell his whole body is wiggling the boxer wiggle and it cracks me up every time!  
I think Simon will miss him but I also think Simon will be happy to be the baby again :) 

I'm also very happy for this couple.  They are going to be so smitten with Barkley and I'm happy that he will be bringing so much joy to them.

Farewell sweet Barkley Boy!  


  1. heart hurts for you. You are TOTALLY making the right decision. But, I know it's painful. I wish I could hug you. Kiss Simon extra for me. You're going to need him. Go grab him a puppacino.

    Barkley is going to LOVE LOVE LOVE his new home. He will be so babied....(is that even a word).

    Love you.....

  2. I will miss seeing photos of him! :) But so happy for you, and for him, that you found him such a wonderful home. xoxo!

  3. So glad he's going to a wonderful home! He seems like such a sweetheart and he deserves a happy life! I still miss my boxers and think of them often...and I know that wiggle all too well. So cute!

  4. Oh, sweet Barkley. I'm so sorry. You will miss him. But, it sounds like it is the best decision for everyone.