Saturday, June 16, 2012

The First Time I Saw Your Face....

I fell in love :)  There was something in your eyes that grabbed me and wouldn't let go.  Today, a year ago, is when you captured my heart and a day hasn't gone by since when I haven't prayed for you, thought of you, and loved you.  Very soon you will find out about me and you will see my face for the first time.  I hope and pray that when you see my pictures you will know in your little heart HOW MUCH this mama loves you Sweet M !!!


  1. sweet. :) I cannot wait until she sees you face to face. :) Love you....

  2. What is it with blog posts and Facebook posts making me cry today?? I'm terribly sentimental. Love this! And agree with Meredith. Can't wait until you see each other face to face!

    Leslie =)

  3. Me too! I agree with Leslie and Meredith...can't wait until you see each other face to face!

  4. There will come a day, when you look at this same photo and don't recognize the face staring back. The face you will come to know and continue to love will be smiling - glowing - with an even brighter spark in her eyes. Praying for that day!