Wednesday, October 12, 2011

In the Meantime

I've been busy teaching, slingin' pizza and photographing families while I wait for more news, hoping that something good in the "let's move forward" direction will happen soon.  In the meantime, I have been having so much fun with the photography fundraiser!  It's been great hanging out with families and also seeing how happy they are with the pictures!  I love being able to give someone something that they will cherish so this has been a total blessing!  Below are a few shots from several of the shoots I've done.

A very good friend of mine and her sweet family!

I love her expression!

He was all smiles!  and a little bit a spit up :)

I got to spend a day in the park with this father and son duo.  They were so fun as you can see from the pics!

Goofing around!

He has the bluest eyes!

LOVE the grass stains- they were acquired during the photo shoot!

If you are interested in getting some great pictures of your own family, email me at so we can set something up!  It's great weather right now in Cincinnati!!

I absolutely loved the 90's.  I know, I'm showing my age, but seriously- the music was so amazing!!!  Whenever I hear a song from that era, man does it take me back and I'm filled with great memories.  Spacehog was one of those bands that had an amazing sound and their breakout hit always puts me in a great mood.  It also just happens to be titled, "In the Meantime."  Since I happen to be in a perpetual "meantime" state, I figured it was clearly my Fall theme song.  My friend Janet knows that I like to have theme songs for each season.  I know I'm nerdy fly like that so, for your viewing and listening pleasure, I will leave you with this video from their Jay Leno promo performance!