Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jammin' in my PUNJAMMIES

There are days when I stop and wonder what the F*@# is wrong with people.  I apologize for the crass opening of this post but I just got finished reading an article about Raiding a Brothel in India.  Amongst the girls they rescued was a 5 year old.  5. years. old.  That's Sofia's age.  It made me want to vomit.  I am torn between wanting to put my head in the sand because it stresses me out so much and wanting to do SOMETHING.
  It is estimated that one million children will be forced into prostitution this year.  In India, there are over 2 million women and children working as prostitutes (1).  Every day, about 200 girls and women enter prostitution, 80% of them against their will (2).
  It's a vicious cycle of poverty, caste system, disease and illiteracy.  A child of a prostitute is not allowed by law to enter the public school system.  It's basically a done deal; a fate sealed for life.
  There are at least 80 organizations working to rescue and provide healing and after care for these women and children.  Successful transition back into society and keeping them from re-victimization is dependent upon these women and children learning a sustainable skill that provides a viable lifestyle.
  Enter PUNJAMMIES by International Princess Project.  These pajamas are awesome!  Not only do they look amazing, but they are super comfy.  The tops are 100% organic cotton.  And the best part?  Every PUNJAMMIE purchase creates
A fair trade wage
Deposit into a savings account
Financial support for holistic care
Capacity building for more women to enter the after-care center
HOPE to a woman who once was voiceless

Get your PUNJAMMIES on!!!  I got mine!

(1) BBC Report on Number of Sex Workers in India
(2) Dr KK Mukherjee NGO report on prostitution

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