Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Greatest of These is LOVE...

The one thread that has been consistently woven throughout my adoption journey is Love.  Jesus is love and his plans for our lives are filled with this powerful message.

Love does matter most.

Love is what drove me to pursue my girls.

Love is what kept me going when the battle was overwhelming.

Love is what filled my heart the very first time I laid eyes on both of them.

Love is what pulsed through my body the first time I held them.

Love is what pierced people's hearts to root for us, to pray for us, to give lavishly to us, to encourage us, and to carry us home.

Love is what motivated Dr. Jon and Dr. Greg to perform outstanding procedures for my daughters so that they might move forward with confidence in life.

And Love is what continues to move me to extend the meaning of family to our precious Baby Jujube.

Love really does matter most and when we do our part to spread more love everywhere we go, love wins.

Here is the link to see our follow up on The Doctors.  The segment was done in two parts -for Roopa and for Munni.  Both links are below.  We are blessed because Love is indeed, the greatest of all.

The Doctors -Roopa
The Doctors - Munni

If you would like to spread more love to help bring Baby Jujube home, please consider purchasing one of our amazing t-shirts.  I pray that you would wear a smile each time you wear it and that you would brighten the day of those whose paths you cross.  Thank you!!!
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