Saturday, August 10, 2013

When God Moves, He Moves Mountains!!

I am in awe.
I mean, total and complete awe.
This week has been the craziest, miracle filled, God moving, Hearts opened, SPREADING MORE LOVE week!!!  I haven't even begun to process it all.
The one and only picture I saw of Sweet Baby R was an infant picture.  She looked to be about 6-8 months in the picture and it was a small picture.
On Wednesday when L told me that I was "matched" with R on the website, I was sooooo stinkin' excited!  I asked her if she thought I would ever get updated pictures.  She told me she didn't know but would certainly ask.
On Wednesday night, I launched the Spread More Love fundraiser!!!  In the first 24 hours, 17 shirts were sold!!  I was completely humbled and blown away by all the love and generosity!  By Thursday night, it moved up to the high 20's.  Friday morning I received an email from my agency saying that I had to have the papers signed and fees due by August 26....The same day as the fundraiser ends.  I emailed them and told them all I was doing to try and raise funds.  They agreed to let me do a payment plan but the first chunk of $2,400 is due 8/26.  I thought, God can do this!!  Friday night I went to bed and it was at 36 shirts!  I couldn't believe it!
Super fly t-shirt!!!
Long sleeve love!

This morning, Saturday, I woke up and took the dogs outside.  Munni came outside with my phone in her hand and said someone called.  I looked at my phone and it was a missed call from L.  Huh?  I got a little nervous because I never hear from her on Saturdays unless it's some kind of emergency (like making sure Munni's passport was issued in time!!) so I immediately called her back.  She said, "How would you like 2 more pictures of your cutie pie?"  WHAT??!!!!!!  Oh my goodness, I can't tell you how excited I was!!!  It was very, very difficult to get updated pictures of Munni.  I was expecting that I wouldn't even see an updated pic of Sweet R.  L told me that she is crying in the pics but still so beautiful and that it looked like they were trying to convince her to smile by giving her a candy bar lol! Anyway, to me, she looks like she is very well taken care of!  I love her chubby cheeks!  And those socks.  Who wears socks in India?  I think it's so sweet that you can tell they wanted her to look her best for these pictures.  She could have been wearing rags and I would still love her but I appreciate the heart and feelings behind getting her all dressed up! One thing I couldn't believe is how LONG her hair is!!  Munni's was always the shortest cut possible shy of being a burr cut.

She could be on Dancing with the Stars in this dress!
 I knew she was a little fighter when L told me about the ants eating her nose off at only several weeks old.  To think of what she must have suffered all alone completely breaks my heart.  But then today when I received more of her medical report, it stated that she only weighed 3 1/2  lbs upon discovery/admittance.  How in the world did she survive?  I really believe that God has his hand on this sweet little girl.  I can't wait until I can show you her beautiful face and you too, will see that she is far from being a piece of garbage.  She is a sweet, precious, beautiful, child of God who has a future ahead of her!  A family to now call her own.  A home that is already so full of love for her.  An "extended" family of friends and strangers who are following her story, cheering her on, and giving their prayers and support.  A big sister who asks me everyday, "Mommy, tomorrow baby sister coming?" because she is so excited for her to be here.  I showed Munni the updated pictures and told her that it was her baby sister R and Munni started singing her name with her beautiful Indian R trilling away!  It was the most beautiful singing!
Yes, this week was an amazing week.  God completely blew my socks off and it looks like they landed on Sweet R's feet :)
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all you have done for her, for Munni, for us :)
I hope that her story will encourage you to SPREAD MORE LOVE!!!!


  1. So, so, so, so excited about all that God is doing!!!! Love you tons.

  2. What a week! I can't imagine that you've slept AT ALL this week -- I know I wouldn't be able to turn my brain off! :) So thrilled that you have new photos, especially for Munni's sake!

  3. What fantastic news! One question for you, why does the website with the shirts say 18 days, I thought they were giving you 50? I think I missed something. Your new little one looks very cute! That dress and socks, sooooo cute!

  4. Sweet sweet! I have a referral picture too with socks on :) I wonder if they don't want us to think she doesn't have anything to protect her feet - although we know they run bare foot all the time. :) It took a bit for Lauren to be willing to wear shoes, and once she did.... she's in love!! The dress is lovely :) I too love how she's all dolled up! Sweet...

  5. How do I purchase a long sleeved shirt?

  6. I purchased a long-sleeved t-shirt and spread the word on my Facebook page. Congratulations! What a beautiful story God is writing for your family.

  7. I'm so excited for you!!! I'm so so glad the shirt sales are working-and I love the design you did! You will have to help us with designing something if we ever reach a point of having a referral :) :) :) I LOVE R's dress; that is just the very best ever. and her PIG TAILS! Oh love. I love pig tails so much! I can't wait to see her smiling in a family photo with you and Munni :) And because I'm logged into my work account and it is a pain to switch back and forth as I take breaks to read adoption blogs, I'm on here anonymously, but this is Miche. :)

  8. How wonderful that things are falling into place. I had to laugh a little as our first photos of Trey were in a dress similar to R's only it was orange and pretty much every photo was of her crying with a candy bar in her hand! Especially glad that you have more recent photos of R so Munni can fully grasp what is really happening. Can't wait to hear more news!


  9. I've been a long time reader and just bought a hoodie - love the design! Can't wait to hear more about your journey! Congrats!

  10. Love the T-Shirts, but not nearly as much as those amazing pics, and movement in this process!! Congratulations!

  11. I would love to post about your fundraiser on my blog. May I use the photograph from the website of your daughter holding up the dress to use on my site to help you raise funds? Best of luck and many blessings!

    1. I would LOVE that!!! Seriously, thank you so, so much!!!