Saturday, January 5, 2013

Part 3: Getting To Know Her Day 2

We woke up Tuesday morning, looked at each other, and just giggled.  She probably thought it was great to be in a king sized bed and I thought it was amazing that I was lying next to her :)  We played in bed for a little while, tickling and goofing around, and then we got up to take showers.  Her fascination with the shower and all her laughing and squealing really started my day right!  She loves all the routine and doesn't miss a beat.  She would carefully unscrew the shower gel cap and as soon as she was done squirting it on the loofa I was holding, she would put the cap back on.  She did this with anything that had a lid.  She loved to brush her teeth- I taught her how to get one last swiggle of water and spit it out.  It was so funny because she would do that, then turn and look at me, and smile the biggest smile!  One thing that she didn't get used to the whole time we were together was the toilet.  At the orphanage, all of the children and adults use a hole and buckets of water.  No toilet and no toilet paper.
This is a High Class version in the Delhi airport.  In the orphanage, there is no sprayer, just a huge bucket of water and a little pitcher!
Trying to show her how to use it was definitely an adventure and for her, a scary one even though she giggled the whole time.  If you are adopting from Ind*a, be prepared for your child to hang onto you for dear life when they try to use the toilet!  I demonstrated but she still needed to hang onto me.  She also would try to step over it from the side, which was hilarious!  I tried to show her how to stand in front and sit down, but she wasn't havin' it!   Let's just say it's a bonding moment for sure!  Of course, I didn't mind in the least, seriously because I was still in shock that I was with her.  I would just rub her back and kiss her while she went.  Because she's so little, she couldn't balance herself so I had to help her clean herself.  I would suggest to bring a ton of baby wipes.  They do the job and also I think they somewhat helped her to feel clean like what she was used to with the bucket of water.   She will probably hate me later in life for posting this much info, but I know there are a lot of adoptive mamas out there and I think it's important to know!  At least I'm not posting on how I got her to finally poop :)  After the adventure of the toilet, I had to teach her to wash her hands.  She really loved that.  Next, she would run to get the lotion.  She loves some scented lotion!  I put lotion all over her and in between rubbing it in, I would tickle her.  I never get tired of her laugh - so, so fun!

I laid out several outfits for her to choose what she wanted to wear.  She chose the yellow flower dress.  I think she liked all of the colors.  Then I showed her all of the hair accessories I brought.  She definitely knows what she likes and what she thinks looks good!  Can you tell that pink is her favorite color?  She chose the fuchsia pink headband and then quickly put on her pink bracelet and pink flip flops.  I was cracking up!
so pretty!
We went to the elevator and she LOVED it.  It has a glass window and the way it moves makes you feel like you are on a roller coaster.
Sunglasses inside- prepared for the paparazzi :)
Let's talk about HOW AWESOME the breakfast bar is at the Taj.  Seriously, all day I thought about it :)  They have some sort of smoothie every day which are all delicious, but my favorite was the Mango Smoothie.  They also have a wide variety of Indian and American food, in case you really need something to remind you of home or your stomach needs that comfort :)  They will make anything to order and every time I asked for an omelet, it was so tasty.  I ordered coffee and the guy asked if I wanted to try the local kind and of course, I said yes!  It was so good that I didn't even have to put sugar in it.  That's saying a lot because I'm the kinda girl that takes coffee with her sugar and cream.    I walked Munni around the huge circle of food and let her point to what she wanted.  I have no idea what she chose, but she loved it.  She also had some kind of red, spicy chutney that she dipped almost everything in before she ate it.  She really loves spicy food!  They also have what's called sweet lime juice.  It didn't really taste like lime or lemonade to me, but it was very refreshing.

After breakfast, we went out to the pool.  I didn't bring a swimsuit for Munni (or myself for that matter) because I wasn't sure how she would have reacted.  Now that I know her, in retrospect, I wish I would have brought one as I think she would have had a blast in the pool!  Anyway, we did a photo shoot, put our feet in the water, and played in the big lawn area they have.
She's a natural!  I didn't even have to tell her to pose!
After spending some time outside, we went back to the room.  I thing I wish I would have brought is some "lounge wear" for her and me.  Doh.  So instead, we improvised and got back in our jammies.   We played all kinds of games, laughed a ton, and I took a bazillion pictures and videos.  She loved to watch the videos of herself.  I was surprised at how much English she knew.  She knows her numbers 1-100, her ABC's, her colors, and some simple words like cat.  She also knows how to write her name.

Around 4, we went to the mall with M. because I wanted to get some Christmas gifts to bring to my family.  We walked from the hotel and Munni was a champ!  About 3/4 of the way there, I started to feel weird, almost light-headed.  When we got to the mall, you have to go through 2 security entrances: first a booth where a woman pats you down and then you walk through a metal detector.  At least I knew we would be safe!  Once inside, we went up the escalator and it was seriously like the scene from Elf:
She was so funny!  We jumped off it when we got to the top.  We headed into a store and started looking around.  At this point, I started to feel even worse.  I was so light-headed and was starting to get clammy.  I hurried with my purchases, hoping that as soon as we started walking again, I would feel better.  I took about 20 steps and really starting feeling like I would pass out.  I envisioned myself doing a face plant in an Indian mall.  Do they have ambulances?  I didn't remember seeing any on the roads.  I  didn't want to be a wimp but my vision was starting to look like the peep hole at the end of the Merry Melody Cartoons so I told M. that I wasn't feeling good and needed to sit down.  She gave me her water and my hands were shaking while I drank it.  The clamminess was getting much worse.  I sat there for about 10 minutes and then told her that I thought I should go back to the room.  She suggested getting some ice-cream, since maybe it was my blood sugar.  WOW.  It's more  like gelato than ice-cream but their flavors were incredible!!  I got the almond flavor and Munni got the strawberry.  We sat down, ate our ice-cream, and watched all the people.  There is such a mix in H*derabad.  I saw women in beautiful saris, women in full burkas, and women in western clothing.  It was definitely an interesting place to people watch!  Although it was an improvement, I still wasn't feeling great so we headed back to the hotel.  When we got to the front of the hotel, M. told me to go on up to the room and she and Munni would continue to walk.  She said I looked like a ghost :)  I was very thankful to have M. there because I knew that something wasn't right with me.

I went up to the room and tried to take a nap but I couldn't fall asleep.  I think I was worried/anxious because Munni wasn't with me.  I also posted on fb asking for prayer because I was not feeling well at all.  We had court tomorrow and I was imagining myself looking like death-warmed-over in front of the judge.  That was the last thing I wanted.  It did help to lie down because that alleviated the light-headedness I was feeling.  About 45 minutes later, they came back to the room.  M. said that Munni LOVED to walk and would have kept going.  *Mental note to myself- this comes in very handy since I have 3 dogs :)  I really hope she likes walking them with me!  Anyway, we were supposed to go down to the restaurant for dinner but I couldn't so we ordered room service.  I think Munni felt like a princess with the big tray of dal and rice :)  I put her in her jammies and let her play with the ipad while I laid next to her.  I think I fell asleep for about 20 minutes but when I woke up, I did feel a lot better.  It was so strange and I still don't know what it was that caused me to feel so ill.  I never felt like I was going to throw up or have the judies, so it's a complete mystery.
Room service Dal and rice!
We played some games and then skyped with my family.  After that, I turned off the lights and we snuggled.  I said our prayers and rubbed her back.  As soon as I was done praying, she started to cry.  It was so sad.  She was hanging onto my arm, facing me, and trying to hide her head.  This was really hard for me because since we don't speak the same language, I was so frustrated that I couldn't find out what it was.  I kept talking to her and she continued to cry.  I called M., whose room was right next to mine, and told her that Munni was crying.  She came over and tried to talk to her.  M. speaks Hindi and Marathi.  Munni speaks Telugu but I think she understands some Hindi.  M. couldn't get Munni to tell her anything either.  M. told me that as hard as it was for me to see Munni upset and crying, it is actually a good sign.  She said she is either crying because she misses her friends at the orphanage, or she's crying because she knows based on the other girls before her, that this was her last night with me. Either way, M. said it shows signs of attachment and that is a GOOD thing.  M. went back to her room and I turned out the lights.  Munni hugged me, I rubber her back and kissed her head, and she cried until she fell asleep.  I prayed for her until I drifted off to sleep.  It was the most heart-wrenching experience :(


  1. Oh, I was about to go to bed, and then I saw you posted I just had to read it. :) I love hearing about all the details of your days, and how well Munni did. Truly a testimony to how good the Lord is. He really did answer all your prayers, and paved the way before you, like only He could. I love it! It makes me so sad that she cried like that, but so happy that she trusted you enough to cry in front of you, and to be comforted by you.

    Love you,

  2. Kristen-
    I love that you are postly your daily events... it's like living it all over again :) She is so very sweet -- you guys are MADE for each other :) Can't wait for your next post.

  3. Thanks for re-capping the details of your time together . . . It's very thoughtful of you to consider the needs of moms who travel after you! How heartbreaking to see Munni cry, and not have her be fully able to explain it. That will tear up a mother's heart, for sure. But how amazing that she just embraced her time with you so completely -- I am so thrilled for the two of you!

  4. Love this post! I am seriously taking notes so when it's my turn, I'll be prepared. It helps a lot to know what works for others. Munni is such a darling!! I'm thrilled that soon she'll be home where she belongs!!

  5. OH gosh, I am a bit scared of the potty experience now-SUCH good advice on wipes; I must remember when our turn comes! And how super sad she cried; that had to be the worst :( But, so good that it she is showing such good signs of attachment to you :) SOON you will be together forever :) And hopefully, someday, Munni will meet my little girl at India Camp!

  6. Perhaps it was malaria medicine that made you feel so weird and terrible. My husband went white and weird one day in Chandigarh. All we could figure out was it was the malaria medicine. Maybe this will help you , maybe not. We eventually stopped taking the mess as it was January and we never saw a single mosquito. Munni is precious and beautiful. You are a wonderful, natural mother. I remember feeling like it was Christmas when I woke up with our Neha in a big huge bed our first morning together. Best wishes for court! It sounds like you are coming back to the states while her passport is issued, then returning for her? Safe travels!