Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Visa update

I received an email that travisa received my application, they processed my payment, are in the middle of processing my application, and will send me an email when my passport is on its way back to me.  Every little bit of information at this point is SO encouraging because it's MOVING!!!

I also am getting together with my sister and a woman next week.  This lady goes to the city where Munni is 3-4 times a year and she's going there on the 20th of this month!  I can't wait to talk to her to get a handle on the city and airport and basically drain her of all the information she can give me!!  It will be so nice to have someone that I can ask a bazillion questions and also for hotel recommendations!   I keep thinking the end of September will be here before I know it!!!!!!


  1. You are due with your baby when I am due!!! So exciting!!!

  2. I love the previous comment... Your due date is approaching fast. What a wonderful feeling.

  3. Each step is so very exciting!!!! I'm so happy for you!