Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fundraising Grant!!!

Hello All!!

Well,  Ordinary Hero is doing another $500 Grant give-away and guess what?  I am in the top 15 sellers!!! They've added a bunch of really cool stuff to their store!  Your $20 or $30 purchase could really, really help me win this grant!  Plus, 40% of all sales go to my adoption fund- it's a win-win situation!  You get a bunch of really cool gear and I get help with my adoption expenses!  There are 7 days left for me to win this Grant- PLEASE help me win!!

I just purchased this cool t-shirt:

and this awesome hoodie:

And they have a bunch of cool jewelry too.  Do you need ideas for Christmas presents?  Well, go to the Ordinary Hero store and check it out!  I'm sure you will find something awesome!

When you are checking out, you need to make sure that from the affiliate pull down menu, you select my name, Kristen Williams or else I won't get credit for the sale.

We can do this!!!

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