Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Year Ago Today

I opened my email to find the "Welcome :)"  subject line staring at me!  I was so excited and couldn't believe that I was officially accepted into the Congo program!  There were several miracles that took place for that to happen and seeing the welcome sign completely flooded my heart with joy.  As I reflect back on this year I am still so amazed, humbled, and encouraged by everything that God has accomplished with these adoptions and also with me.  I can truly say that this journey has been the most life-changing experience and they're not even here yet!

I asked my caseworker if I'm still holding strong at #17 or if I've moved up at all.  She told me that I'm still #17 that things were slow for a couple of weeks but that referrals are starting to come in again.  I am anxiously awaiting to see baby JoaquĆ­n's referral picture!

In regards to India, my homestudy visit is next Wednesday.  I will be crazy busy cleaning and gardening and trying to not stress out.  I just might serve dinner on the floor after she leaves because I know it will be clean enough to eat off of it!!  I still need to have the Fire Marshall come over and hang out and tell me that my house is safe, update my medical that was just done in March and a couple of other things.  I am really going to believe and trust that the reason AP asked for the resubmission of all the paperwork is because of the implementation of the new procedures at the end of September.  I want to be ready to go so I can start working on my dossier and apply for immigration.  I can't do ANY of this until I get that stinkin' MATCH PAPERWORK back!  PLEASE, PLEASE pray that at the end of the month they get their booties movin' and issue the match.  Once I have that precious piece of paper it's GAME ON BABY!!!
I love Jesus and I know he loves children and has a heart for the orphans.  I'm going to cling to the promise he gave us:

"According to your faith, let it be done to you." - Matthew 9:29

Can I get a witness??!!

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