Wednesday, October 6, 2010

itsy bitsy movement...

Isn't she beautiful?  I can't wait until there's a little face looking back at me that is mine:)

 It seems there has been a little bit of movement with the "Pipeline" families- those who had received referrals for a child before the suspension was implemented.  Several of the 80 families have recently received TA, which is good.  It means that Nepal is still willing to work with the US.  Some were fearing that Nepal would be angry with the US and stop the process on their end.  I'm glad this is not the case.  Those families now have 60 days to legally complete their adoptions.  If they decide to travel and complete the adoption, it will be legally recognized by both Nepal and the USA.  The problem is with the entry visa. The embassy in Kathmandu is no longer processing these cases for the visas and is sending the files to the US embassy in New Delhi.  If the USA decides there is not enough supporting evidence for the validity of the child's status as an "orphan," then they won't issue the visa.  Now the family has a child that is legally theirs, but not allowed to live in the USA.  Don't get me started....

I had a lengthy conversation with my agency about my specific situation and afterwards, I still felt nothing but confirmation that I am supposed to wait it out.  So, wait it out I will.  I know that in the end, it will be so worth it!  God has truly blessed me with an overwhelming sense of peace about everything.  He continues to encourage me every single day.  I know that ultimately, everything is in His hands and he will work it out in his perfect timing.

Thanks to all the people who have been praying and continue to pray for SofĂ­a and me.  I'm convinced that it is your prayers that are responsible for the peace God is giving me!


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